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Best Day Ever Book Review. The Inspiring Life and Legacy of Jesse Rotholz. Author Jim Rotholz. Christian adult nonfiction book. Christian Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie.
Best Day Ever is the story of one young man's unique and enduring impact on the world through a life of deep faith and uninhibited love. This is a story about discovering God's redemptive presence and purposes in the most devastating of circumstances. Beginning with a grieving father on a heart-sick quest to find some meaning behind his son's tragic death at the age of 32, the book details how he comes to recognize the purposeful hand of God actively…

What would the apostles (or even Jesus) look like if they existed today? They might be part social misfit and part glowing with God’s love. Do people like this really exist today?

Yes! Case in point is Jesse Rotholz.

In Best Day Ever, Jesse’s father, Jim Rotholz recounts his son’s life. During Jesse’s short 32 years on earth, he impacted countless people in unforgettable ways. Many of their testimonies are included in a beautiful tribute to a truly special human.

Even after his death, Jesse remains a powerful example that it’s not only possible but utterly beautiful to live life while bringing the love of Jesus to as many people as possible.

Written as a tribute to Jim Rotholz’s son and as an inspiration for others, Best Day Ever uses testimonies of Jesse’s family members and friends to bring his charismatic personality to life. His childhood and challenges help us understand more about the man Jesse became. I personally would have loved to hear from Jesse himself to learn more about his thoughts and motivations, but his actions speak volumes. He was definitely a special soul who left a big mark before being called Home after contracting cerebral malaria while on a mission.

For Jesse, each day was the best day ever. How can that not be an inspiration for all of us?

How this book affected me:

In my spiritual journey, I’m actively seeking a deeper relationship with God. Jesse is the epitome of walking with God, to a level I can probably never attain. Jesse gave me a brilliant example of what living for Jesus in the 21st century looks like and what a powerful life it is.

Who would enjoy this book:

Readers who like inspirational Christian books or Christian books true stories would enjoy Best Day Ever. Anyone wanting a glimpse of what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus today would be inspired by Jesse’s life. If you think today’s world is too secular to shine Jesus’s light in it, you should read Jesse’s story.

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Best Day Ever Book Review. The Inspiring Life and Legacy of Jesse Rotholz. Author Jim Rotholz. Christian adult nonfiction book. Christian Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie.Meet the Author:

Jim Rotholz, PhD is a former missionary, aid worker, and assistant professor of anthropology. He and his CPA wife, Louise, have lived and worked in several countries in Africa and Asia, as well as various states across the U.S. Jim has written four books, the latest to honor his late son, Jesse. Jim’s previous books are Gospel Without Borders: Separating Christianity from Culture in America (2015), Walking The Spirit: Embracing Life as a Spiritual Journey (2004), and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Christianity, and Culture (2002).

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