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Welcome, book lovers! Our Christian book reviews include Christian books about inspirational true stories. Prepare to be amazed!

Going South Book Review Marcia Moston Author 5-star book review

Going South Book Review

From the author of Call of a Coward—the God of Moses and the Middle-Class Housewife, comes another inspirational, Christian-living memoir. When Bob and Marcia Moston told their friends they were moving south, they meant it as a geographical move. They didn’t expect their plans to go south too. Trusting his wife’s previously sound judgment, Bob Read more

Get Money Do Good Book Review Vermaas 5-star review

Get Money Do Good Book Review

Get Money Do Good has something for everyone. It’s a backseat pass to the Vermaas’s worldwide whirlwind adventure as they build their family in an extreme, non-traditional way, with the intention of doing good in the world. In Get Money Do Good, Jodi and Garry begin their journey on the traditional road of donating to Read more

A Time to Seek Book Review Susan Pohlman 4-stars

A Time to Seek Book Review

A Time to Seek by Susan Pohlman is an honest, spiritual seeking. Filled with familiar, funny yet touching text messages and dialogue between parent and teens, this book resonates easily and honestly with mothers in mid-life. Pohlman takes us on her lovely journey through Italy as she reminisces and seeks new meanings in ancient places; Read more

Somebody Someday Book Review. Author Joye Holmes Reviewer Sharon Hazel.

Somebody Someday Book Review

This is the story of an unlikely long-distance friendship between a deaf, homeless, man and a middle-class, professional woman. The story of Butch and Joye has a slow and gentle pace, as it documents their sporadic correspondence over a period of twenty-five years. It started with an act of unexpected kindness and develops into a Read more

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