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Sketchy Views Book Review

Sketchy Views Beginner's Guide to Making Sense of God - Book Review. Book Cover

Is your understanding of who God is and how he works in our lives today a little sketchy? Daniel DeWitt’s Sketchy Views is a beginner’s guide to making sense of God.

Everybody has beliefs about God. There are a million ways to get God wrong, but there’s only a narrow path to getting him right. In order to understand God, we have to go back to the Bible, but that can be overwhelming if you are new to theology.

Sketchy Views uses words and sketches to help readers visually connect with and understand what basic Christian theology is and is not. DeWitt helps readers understand why what we think about God is the most important thing about us.

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Author Daniel Dewitt offers a beginner’s guide to making sense of God in Sketchy Views. Dewitt quotes G. K. Chesterton as saying, “Theology is that part of religion that requires brains” and that’s the mindset a reader of Sketchy Views must have.

This is not a light, quick read. The Sketchy Views apologetics lessons are both theological and philosophical, yet the topics covered remain within reason of the average reader. I say this as a non-philosophical person who was able to follow the points and logic. 🙂

At one time or another, many Christians have questions about Christianity, such as, who is God, can we trust the Bible, how do I make sense of the Trinity, and other challenging aspects of the faith.

Dewitt covers these and many more as he walks through tough questions about God. He uses theology and philosophy, along with plenty of analogies and great storytelling, to debunk common misconceptions and assumptions about God.

Based on the title, book description, and cover image, I made the *very* incorrect assumption that the book would be heavily focused on “sketches” and light on written content. (WRONG!) The actual sketches didn’t offer much to increase my level of understanding.

I realized after I started reading the book that the meaning of “sketchy views” describes our views of God that may be off-track.

Dewitt ends each chapter with questions that challenge the readers comprehension of the material. These questions would be useful for a group study as well as for an individual.

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Who would like this book:

Described as a “beginner’s guide”, Sketchy Views is written for teens/young adults, but I think it would be a good intellectual introduction of God for adults, too. Christians and curious agnostics would both benefit from the content.

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Sketchy Views

Is your understanding of who God is and how he works in our lives today a little sketchy? Daniel DeWitt’s Sketchy Views is a beginner’s guide to making sense of God.

URL: https://amzn.to/3QMqrdG

Author: Daniel Dewitt

Author: Daniel Dewitt


Date Published: 2023-07-22

Format: https://schema.org/EBook

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