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Welcome to our Christian book reviews and summaries. Our specialty is serving readers great Christian book finds for both adults and children.

New Christian Book Releases

The Christian books we review are primarily new Christian book releases. We typically work with publishers or authors on their book launch, so many of our reviews are hot-off-the-press books. Take a peek below, by genre!




Bible Study



Marriage (Christian)

Parenting (Christian)

True Stories

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How to Find Great Christian Books

Another resource for finding great Christian books is my How to Find Great Books Guide.

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Shirley Alarie with Mopsie on lap

Shirley Alarie: I’m a member of the Revell Reads Book Blogger program as well as a reviewer for Baker Books and New Growth Press. You can also find me as one of the Christian book reviewers on Amazon, Goodreads, and as a Professional NetGalley Reader. If the books are available through NetGalley, my reviews are posted there and BN.

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