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The Christian books we review are primarily new Christian book releases. We typically work with publishers or authors on their book launch, so many of our reviews are hot-off-the-press books.

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  • Henry’s Big Mistake Book Review
    When Halle gets new braces she has trouble saying some words. This irritates her brother Henry and one day he teases her in front of their friends and really hurts Halle’s feelings. Now Henry has this nagging feeling inside that he can’t make go away. He tries to just be nice to Halle, but that …

    Henry’s Big Mistake Book Review Read More »

  • God Wins Book Review
    God protects and takes care of his people in amazing ways. He is powerful and good, and he always keeps his promises. Through the Bible stories in God Wins, children will hear about Joshua, David, Daniel’s friends, and Esther. Even though these heroes were afraid, they obeyed God and were used to save God’s people.   Author Jared …

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  • How Much More Book Review
    ★★★★★ God wants more for you than you think Do you have a dream in your heart or longing in your soul for something more?Leaving a dream unspoken or silencing disappointment can lead to a life disconnected from God and our purpose. There is a better way. In How Much More? you will be empowered to: Go …

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  • Finding Jesus on the Upside Down Days Book Review
    In Finding Jesus on Upside Down Days, Jill Miller gives heartwarming, intimate glimpses of her life on the farm. But more than this, as Jill takes care of her animals, enjoying what the Creator has made, God takes her upside-down soul and sets it right-side up. Designed as a 52-week family devotional, readers of all ages and …

    Finding Jesus on the Upside Down Days Book Review Read More »

  • Christmas Begins with Christ Book Review
    God is everywhere, and His love lives in us. This rhyming concept book introduces how Jesus is always in our lives. Beautiful illustrations show Christ’s supportive spiritual light around us. When we share God’s light through acts of love and joy, it creates a ripple effect. Children will learn their numbers by counting how happiness …

    Christmas Begins with Christ Book Review Read More »

  • Build a Stronger Marriage Book Review
    All marriages face seasons of distress and frustration—times when thanks to a variety of factors you don’t feel as close as you once were. Bestselling author and longtime FamilyLife Today cohost Bob Lepine helps you work through the challenges that emerge in every marriage, causing couples to become isolated and alienated. He helps you make …

    Build a Stronger Marriage Book Review Read More »

  • Angry With God Book Review
    ★★★★★ No one gets mad at God for something small. When we’re angry with God, it is because we’ve faced something immensely hard. Anger is an often-overlooked part of grieving, and as such, is an appropriate response to profoundly painful events. Counselor Brad Hambrick provides a guided process to being honest with God about your …

    Angry With God Book Review Read More »

  • The Light Before Christmas Book Review
    This four-week Advent family devotional by best-selling author Marty Machowski combines devotions on the theme of light and darkness with the story of eleven-year-old Mia and her grandmother as they prepare for Christmas. Grandma loves to share her faith, especially at Christmas time, and although she is blind, she can see the light of Jesus …

    The Light Before Christmas Book Review Read More »

  • Take Heart Book Review
    ★★★★ It’s easy to lose heart in a world where many things can and do go wrong. Life is difficult and there are struggles within and without, but we can take heart—the Lord is with us. He hears our cries for mercy. He knows our every need. He guides us, helps us, and strengthens us …

    Take Heart Book Review Read More »

  • Why Do We Say Thank You Book Review
    ★★★★ “On a fine, frosty day, in the small town of Kent,  there awoke a young boy who was never content.”   From the moment he wakes up, the young boy complains about everything. The sun is too bright, his pancakes are icky, and everything is so terribly boring. He can’t see why everyone else is having such …

    Why Do We Say Thank You Book Review Read More »

  • Guess How Much God Loves You Book Review
    ★★★★ Guess How Much God Loves You is the story of seven-year-old Lucy Lu, a colorful, creatively curious first-grader, who is starting to have serious questions about God. How old is He? Does He sleep? What does He do all day? And the biggest one of all-does God love me? After one particularly hard day of …

    Guess How Much God Loves You Book Review Read More »

  • Wounded Faith Book Review
    ★★★★ Wounded Faith: Understanding and Healing from Spiritual Abuse is a new collection of essays edited by the Reverend Dr. Neil Damgaard. It has two audiences in mind: recovering victims and the religious community at large. While it was written as an aid to help victims who are grappling with their faith, the book also seeks …

    Wounded Faith Book Review Read More »

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