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The Christian books we review are primarily new Christian book releases. We typically work with publishers or authors on their book launch, so many of our reviews are hot-off-the-press books. Take a peek below at our latest reviews:

  • Guess How Much God Loves You Book Review
    ★★★★ Guess How Much God Loves You is the story of seven-year-old Lucy Lu, a colorful, creatively curious first-grader, who is starting to have serious questions about God. How old is He? Does He sleep? What does He do all day? And the biggest one of all-does God love me? After one particularly hard day of …

    Guess How Much God Loves You Book Review Read More »

  • Wounded Faith Book Review
    ★★★★ Wounded Faith: Understanding and Healing from Spiritual Abuse is a new collection of essays edited by the Reverend Dr. Neil Damgaard. It has two audiences in mind: recovering victims and the religious community at large. While it was written as an aid to help victims who are grappling with their faith, the book also seeks …

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  • 100 Days of Prayer Book Review
    ★★★★ Prayer is powerful. It is healing, comforting, cleansing, and most of all, it is our direct line of communication with God. If prayer is all these things and more, why is it we so often struggle with it? Maybe we feel we don’t have the time. Maybe we don’t know how or where to …

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  • Nicholas, the Santa Story Book Review
    ★★★★★ Before he ever became Santa Claus, Nicholas prayed for guidance on how to best serve the Lord. His prayer was answered when a mysterious voice foretold the birth of a savior. Miraculously, he was able to meet that newborn baby, and his life changed forever. NICHOLAS, THE SANTA STORY is a heartwarming and imaginative …

    Nicholas, the Santa Story Book Review Read More »

  • Living Water Book Review
    ★★★★ God is in the details and can be found in even the smallest elements in nature. Just imagine. A flower as intricate as a marigold or a lake reflection of guardian trees—both as mysterious as their Creator. Yet God cares deeply for you, the only creation made in his image. In this world of …

    Living Water Book Review Read More »

  • Jesus Protects Book Review
    ★★★★★ Jesus Protects promises to give you a bold spirit. Jesus Protects offers reflections on David’s victory over Goliath and how to apply the same truths into your life. It spans 20 weeks and focuses on a bold theme for each week and is further divided into five sections for each of the days of the week: By focusing …

    Jesus Protects Book Review Read More »

  • Hellven Book Review
    ★★★★ Do you consider yourself a worldly Christian who struggles with sin on a daily basis? If the answer is yes, then know that you are not alone, that God still loves you, and that He wants to help you through your struggles. In this book, you will hear from a man that grew up …

    Hellven Book Review Read More »

  • Grief Doesn’t Do Math Book Review
    ★★★★ Grief Doesn’t Do Math offers comfort and connection, while embracing a personal way to experience and endure the grieving process on one’s own terms. Grief Doesn’t Do Math envisions a wider lens for grievers beyond the renowned five stages. This book includes journal entries, poems, and reflections written over the course of seven years …

    Grief Doesn’t Do Math Book Review Read More »

  • Running to Win Book Review
    ★★★★ A world-class runner. A committed Christian. A life of courageous service. Meet Eric Liddell: Running to Win. This Scottish runner bypassed an Olympic qualifying race because it was being held on a Sunday. Then he qualified in a different race and won a gold medal (in world record time!) in the 1924 Paris games. But Eric Liddell left his …

    Running to Win Book Review Read More »

  • Darkest Night Brightest Day Book Review
    ★★★★★ Start a new Easter season tradition with your family by reading this beautifully illustrated “upside-down” book from Marty Machowski that includes fourteen Bible stories. The first side, Darkest Night, has seven stories that recount the events of Passion week ending with Christ’s crucifixion and burial. Flip the book over and continue by reading Brightest Day with seven more stories that progress from Christ’s resurrection through Pentecost.  …

    Darkest Night Brightest Day Book Review Read More »

  • Prince and the Prodigal Book Review
    ★★★★ Joseph is the pampered favorite son of the patriarch Jacob. His older brothers, deeply resentful of his status in the family, take advantage of the chance to get rid of him, selling him to slave traders and deceiving their father about his fate. It seems like their troubles are over. But for Joseph and …

    Prince and the Prodigal Book Review Read More »

  • Bedtime Blessings and Prayers for Courageous Girls Book Review
    Delightful Bedtime Bible Truths for Courageous Girls Will Encourage and Inspire. Your courageous girls ages 5 and up will delight in these bedtime devotions and prayers created especially for their impressionable young hearts. Touching on topics important to them, girls will encounter dozens of just-right-sized readings that will both comfort and inspire. . .the perfect way to …

    Bedtime Blessings and Prayers for Courageous Girls Book Review Read More »

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