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The Christian books we review are primarily new Christian book releases. We typically work with publishers or authors on their book launch, so many of our reviews are hot-off-the-press books.

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Latest Adult Book Reviews:

  • Someone I Know is Grieving Book Review
    Bestselling author and counselor Edward T. Welch walks readers through the difficult task of coming alongside grieving people with genuine compassion and humility. When someone is grieving, it can be hard to know what to say or do. We want to be helpful, not hurtful, but it’s easy to go wrong. The good news is …

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  • Sketchy Views Book Review
    Is your understanding of who God is and how he works in our lives today a little sketchy? Daniel DeWitt’s Sketchy Views is a beginner’s guide to making sense of God. Everybody has beliefs about God. There are a million ways to get God wrong, but there’s only a narrow path to getting him right. In order …

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  • A Worthwhile Life Book Review
    Coasting through a life filled with distractions? It’s time to live with value, purpose, and meaning. Michael Westover looked in the mirror one day and wondered what the point of it was. He had a successful career in health care, a stable family, and great friendships. Yet, he felt aimless. His life was full—meetings to …

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  • Discover: Questioning Your Way to Faith Book Review
    It’s ok for you to have questions about your faith. You aren’t the only one that has those questions, and you shouldn’t be embarrassed by them. In Discover: Questioning Your Way to Faith, Mike McGarry explores the twenty most common questions teenagers ask. In nearly twenty years as a youth pastor, Mike has heard just about …

    Discover: Questioning Your Way to Faith Book Review Read More »

  • Imagine the God of Heaven Book Review
    Millions of people around the world have reported a near-death experience. Do they prove the existence of a loving God? Never in history, until now, have we been able to hear from so many people around the world who have been brought back from clinical death. Modern medical resuscitation and digital communication have revealed a goldmine …

    Imagine the God of Heaven Book Review Read More »

  • Your Identity in Christ Book Review
    At some point in their lives, many women may question who they are meant to be or their purpose in life. While struggling with identity, women are often surrounded by messages telling them who they should be or what they should believe in based on the thoughts and opinions of others. But this is not …

    Your Identity in Christ Book Review Read More »

  • Social Media Pressure Book Review
    Social Media Pressure helps show why social media can leave you feeling sad, anxious, and depressed and points to practical ways of turning to Jesus for rest and wholeness.  Statistics show that we (especially teens) spend most of our waking hours on screens, without a lot of direction on managing our online life. In this devotional, …

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  • The Secret to Happiness Book Review
    Escape to Cape Cod–where you just might find the secret to happiness Callie Dixon had the world by its tail . . . until it all slipped away. Fired from her dream job after making a colossal mistake, she’s escaped to her aunt’s home on Cape Cod for time to bounce back. Except it isn’t …

    The Secret to Happiness Book Review Read More »

  • Hope Realized Book Review
    A world free of poverty is possible—when we reimagine the powerful force of hope and what it can do. Poverty isn’t just a lack of resources. Often, even after resources are available, poverty and homelessness linger here in America and in third world countries. Why is that? And can anything be done to help? The …

    Hope Realized Book Review Read More »

  • Surrender Your Story Book Review
    Popular podcaster and self-proclaimed control freak Tara Sun shows how “having everything under control” is overrated–not to mention downright dangerous–and reveals the surprising, lifegiving alternative: only radical surrender to God brings the peace and fulfillment we yearn for. Today’s culture is peddling a seductive promise, a message that bombards social media feeds and dominates bestseller …

    Surrender Your Story Book Review Read More »

  • Daughter of Eden Book Review
    The first time she opens her eyes, Eve gazes on One whose beauty nearly blinds her, whose breath is in her lungs. Her Creator takes her hand and gives her to one like her and yet different. Together, she and Adam experience pure joy as they explore Eden. But her favorite moments are when the …

    Daughter of Eden Book Review Read More »

  • Pray First Book Review
    Prayer is the lifeblood of the Christian faith–but many followers of Jesus still struggle to make prayer part of their daily lives. In Pray First, bestselling author and pastor Chris Hodges shows us how to make prayer a first response instead of a last resort. Why is it that so many Christians find it difficult to …

    Pray First Book Review Read More »

Latest Children’s Book Reviews:

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