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I’m Shirley

Shirley Alarie in the CLE

I’m just an average Christian who turned to Jesus in earnest as a young teen when I was trying to reconcile the drowning death of my brother when I was five years old. That experience led to a fascination with the afterlife that I once shared with one of my friends, who then reported me to the high school counselor. I assured the counselor I wasn’t suicidal, I just can’t wait to meet Jesus.

That fascination and faith carried into my adulthood and led me to you. I look forward to traveling on this amazing adventure together.

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Writing Services

Book Reviewer

Christian adult nonfiction and Christian children's books are my specialty. Are you an author or publisher? Let's talk.

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Freelance Writer

Let me help with all your writing needs, from writing or critiquing your book synopsis to ghostwriting your book. Let's do it!

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Book Coach

Are you ready to write your book but not sure how to get started? Do you have your draft, but not sure how to publish? Ongoing or one-time one-on-one coaching. I'm ready!

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10 Short Prayers for Beginners

What do you say when you pray? If you’re not sure how to pray, don’t worry. You really can’t do it wrong! I’ll get you started with ten short prayers for beginners. But rest assured that God already knows you and loves you. He’s been with you all along, even if you didn’t realize it. He already knows your struggles…
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Being Christian

What it means to be a Christian is sometimes misunderstood by non-Christians – and even some Christians. Sometimes the definition of what being Christian means gets watered down into “being a good person” or “being kind”. While those two characteristics may be the result of what being Christian means, neither of these address the core foundation of Christianity. What do…
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Evangelism 101

What is evangelism? Webster’s Dictionary defines evangelism as the winning or revival of personal commitments to Christ. But in practical terms, evangelism is the spreading of the Good News of Jesus with the goal of drawing people to Christianity in order to save their souls. Let’s take a look at the basics in Evangelism 101. Evangelism in the Bible There…
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