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Hi, I’m Shirley.

I’m so glad you’re here! Is your life overflowing with too many commitments or constant distractions? Are you longing for purpose and not sure what to do about it?

I hope you’ll find good nourishment for your weary or lost soul here, so you can finally find the true peace, love, and joy He offers.

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Enjoy the latest posts…

  • MASS Book Review
    How do you choose between your faith and your future? Sixteen-year-old Stevie Albie is a religious person, but nothing prepares her for meeting Mary. Like the Mary, mother of Jesus. Just as Stevie becomes convinced Read more
  • Not Knowing But Still Going Book Review
    Uncertainty, change and the unexpected we all struggle with unknowns. So what can we learn from Noah’s Ark and the women who entered it? In this inspiring, honest and compelling book, Jocelyn-Anne walks us through Read more
  • Lessons I Have Unlearned Book Review
    We all have ideas about what we think life will be like – ideas we pick up from books, films, music videos, the adults around us, and even church. We think we have a roadmap Read more
  • Broken Lenses Volume 2 Book Review
    Broken Lenses: Seeing Others’ Value in a World of Division, is the second book in the Broken Lenses series. In the first book of the series, Broken Lenses: Identifying Your Truth in a World of Lies, Read more
  • 7 Attitudes for the Helping Heart Book Review
    Want to shower the world with God’s love? Feel like you should do more for the poor but aren’t sure where to start?In this book, author John Christopher Frame, PhD, having encountered poverty around the Read more
  • 6 Short Prayers for Peace in Your Life
    Are you looking for peace? We’re bombarded daily with peace-shattering experiences. We let anxiety overwhelm us. Fears paralyze us. We allow chaos to consume us. Use these Short Prayers for Peace to lay your heavy Read more

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