Welcome, book lovers! Our Christian book reviews include Christian books about anxiety. Use our books on anxiety to find calmness in Jesus and fuel your Christian journey! Also includes Christian books on depression, pain, and suffering.

Come Sweet Day Book Review Holding on to Hope in Dark Times Author Julianne Donaldson 5-stars

Come Sweet Day Book Review

Anyone looking for hope in dark times would find solace in Julianne Donaldson’s Come, Sweet Day. Ms. Donaldson reveals the pain and seeking she experienced through her divorce, single parenting, and cancer. These specific challenges are not addressed explicitly but they form the foundation on which her universal yearning and hope are based. Come, Sweet Read more

A Little Book of Poetry Book Review. Author Kathi Burg Reviewer Shirley Alarie

Little Book of Poetry Book Review

A Little Book of Poetry: For When Night Seems Dark is a compilation of heartfelt poems. They acknowledge the worldly struggles we face and offer the hope and promise of a loving God who stands with us in the darkness. Author Kathi Burg offers light ‘for when night feels dark’ and strength during struggles. The Read more

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