Christian Marriage

Welcome, married Christian book lovers! Check out our book reviews that include Christian books about marriage. Use our books on Christian marriage to help your marriage be the best it can be!

Staying Power Book Review. Christian marriage book. Building a Stronger Marriage When Life Sends its Worst Authors Kent Lambert. Christian Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie.

Staying Power Book Review

Hold your marriage together through a storm. How do you hold your marriage together when it’s tested due to a circumstance beyond your control? Married couples Carol and Gene Kent and Cindy and David Lambert use their own experiences, plus those of other couples, to answer that difficult question. Examples include health struggles, incarceration of Read more

Heart of a Husband Book Review. Christian adult nonfiction book. Discover What It Means To Love Your Wife Like Christ Loves The Church Author Paul Harris. Christian Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie.

Heart Of A Husband Book Review

Inspiring guidance for husbands to ‘Discover What It Means To Love Your Wife Like Christ Loves The Church’. Author Paul Harris’s indiscretions could have cost him his marriage. Instead, he fought to keep his marriage intact and God put it on his heart to explore the meaning of Ephesians 5:25. Husbands, love your wives, just as Read more

Marriage That Works Book Review

Valuable message for any Christian marriage. Author Chip Ingram’s book, Marriage That Works, stems from his own 30-plus year marriage. He mixes his personal experiences and growth with Bible references and scriptures to create a marriage guide for today’s Christian couples. What is a Biblical marriage? With a basis of marriage as defined in Ephesians Read more

Book Review: The Eden Concept - Marriage God's Way. Biblically-based conservative guidance and practical examples for a God-centered marriage. By Dana and Kimberly Williams

Book Review: The Eden Concept

Biblically-based, unapologetically conservative, and straightforward guidance and practical examples to lead both single adults and husbands and wives to a God-centered marriage. Marriage from God’s Eyes Christian couple Dana & Kimberly Williams have been married since 1993. With Dana’s role as pastor and Kimberly’s role as homeschooling mom and author, they have faced all the Read more

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