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Not Knowing But Still Going Book Review

Not Knowing But Still Going Book Review

Uncertainty, change and the unexpected we all struggle with unknowns. So what can we learn from Noah’s Ark and the women who entered it? In this inspiring, honest and compelling book, Jocelyn-Anne walks us through the Genesis story, exploring the unprecedented challenges Noah and his family faced. Blending biblical reflections with personal experiences of God’s Read more

Renewed Book Review Heather Dixon Bible Study

Renewed – Finding Hope Book Review

Lessons from Naomi in the Book of Ruth Renewed – Finding Hope When You Don’t Like Your Story is an interactive study guide of the book of Ruth, from the perspective of Naomi’s story. The book is broken down into twelve lessons, and can be studied individually, at your own pace. The author also includes Read more

Revelation Book Review. Revelation: Hope in the Darkness Bible Study Author Scotty Smith. Christian Book Reviewer Sharon Hazel. Gospel-Centered Life in the Bible series.

Revelation Bible Study Book Review

There are fourteen sessions in this group study guide. The recommended time is one hour for each lesson, although depending on the amount of discussion, it could easily take longer to complete. The sessions all follow the same format, starting with a ‘Big Idea’ as an introductory statement, then a ‘Bible Conversation’ which introduces the Read more

Titus Book Review. Christian adult bible study. Life-Changing Truth in a World of Lies. Author Jeff Dodge. Christian Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie.

Titus Bible Study Book Review

Paul’s letter to Titus was from one missionary to another, but Jeff Dodge’s Titus Bible Study doesn’t only apply to missionaries or church leaders. The challenges these men faced are still pertinent today and can teach us to become better Christians, but more importantly, better Christian leaders, regardless of our role in society. The short Read more

Ephesians Bible Study Book Review

The intention of the comprehensive and interactive Ephesians Bible Study is not just to analyze the letter that Paul wrote, but to come to know Jesus more intimately. The call to action is to learn to live the disciplined life, like Paul did. The author includes stories from his own experiences to tie the concepts Read more

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