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I’m so glad you found your way here. We’re all about Finding God Among Us – yes, right here in the busyness and messiness of daily life. This is a place for seeking Jesus, whether you’re a seasoned Christian, a ‘grew up Christian but don’t really believe or practice’ Christian, or a straight-up doubter!

So, what does SEEKING mean?

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13

Scripture Wall Art Downloadable

Jesus invites us ALL to Seek Him!

Seeking with your whole heart requires a dedicated effort to get to know Jesus on a personal level. It means allowing Him into your heart and soul. It means following His will for your life and trusting Him. It means putting Him first on your priority list.

This dedicated effort creates a bond with Jesus, that brings peace, love, hope, and faith.

How We Seek Jesus and Grow in Faith


We promote reading God’s Word, but we love growing in our faith by reading and reviewing Christian books on faith, inspirational true stories, or Christian children’s books. I pray our book reviews can help point you in the right direction for books that feed your faith, too.


Devotionals provide a beautiful way of reflecting on God’s Word and how it applies to our lives. I try to create devotionals based on the feedback I get from community members. A fan favorite is the 6-Day Grow Your Faith Mustard Seed Devotional that I will give you FREE WITH THIS INSTANT DOWNLOAD LINK for taking the time to learn more about us today!

6-Day Mustard Seed of Faith Devotional walks through all the steps needed to grow your faith. Are you looking for Mustard Seed Faith? Here it is.


Do you love the parables or are you confused by them? Yes and Yes? Perfect! I love the parables but went through too much of my life being confused by many of them. One of my favorite ways to bring myself and others closer to Jesus is to make the parables alive and relevant for people today. Each of my Parables of Jesus Explained includes content that I hope you can easily apply to your own understanding, to teach your children or students, or even use for sermon lessons.


We’re always looking for ways to bring more Jesus into our daily lives and to live according to His calling. Our other faith printables will hopefully guide you closer to Jesus, too. Two of our favorites are the FREE SEEKING JESUS PLANNERS and the ACTS PRAYER MODEL PRINTABLES. Both will help you deepen your prayer life, strengthen your relationship with Jesus, and enrich your daily life.

ACTS Prayer Model Printable Monthly Guide provides guidance for Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication prayers.


We love writing about topics that keep Jesus in the forefront of our busy lives, such as 50 Ways to Make Time for Jesus When You’re Busy and 10 Short Prayers to Help You Connect with God (intended for beginners). We also LOVE the parables and reflecting on how they apply to life today. Fan favorites are 6 Lessons from a Mustard Seed and 3 Lessons from the Prodigal Son.


Does this sound like the place for you? If so, sign up below, and let’s stay in touch!

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Who’s clicking away on her keyboard behind the scenes? It’s me, Shirley Alarie!

Shirley Alarie at Hope in the Hood Book Signing event
xoxo. Your sister in Christ, Shirley Alarie

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