ACTS Prayer Model Printable

ACTS Prayer Method Monthly Guides

ACTS Prayer Model Printable Monthly Guide provides guidance for Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication prayers.

What is the ACTS Prayer Method?

The ACTS Prayer Method includes four types of prayers that Christians should use to ensure a well-rounded prayer-life. ACTS is an acronym that stands for the four types of prayer: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication.

  • Adoration: Adore God! Give praise and worship for His majesty as Lord over all.
  • Confession: Look into your heart and bring your sins openly to God.
  • Thanksgiving: Express gratitude for blessings.
  • Supplication: Pray for yourself and others.

How To Use the Guides

There is one page for each prayer type. Print one or print them all, depending on where you need focus! Each page has 31 prayer prompts and topics for your consideration. Use the list as a guide per day of the month or even just pick randomly off the list. Use the forms to keep track of what you’ve prayed for so you can switch things up for the next month. The idea is to expand the scope and breadth of what you pray and how you pray. Let the prayer prompts open your mind and heart.

The Adoration/Praise prompts are taken from the Bible and are meant only as a starting point. Read the prompt from the guide, then let your heart keep praising.



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