50 Ways to Spend Time With God When You’re Busy

How do we find ways to spend time with God when we let the busyness of life fill our days? We try to fit God into our schedules rather than fitting our schedules around God.

Spending time with God seems to be the first thing that gets crossed off the priority list. But there’s no reason to relegate God to the back seat.

There are plenty of simple and creative ways to spend more time with God that we can fit into our packed schedules!

50 Ways to Spend Time With God When You're Busy

How to Make Time for God

Your schedule is already full – and sleep is necessary. The only way to make time for God is to replace some other activity in your life to spend quality time with Him instead.

You’ve probably already tried that, too – and failed. Because until you give God the priority He deserves He’ll never make the top of your to-do list.

When you give up something you enjoy for something you just “know you’re supposed to do”, you’re certain to fail and fall back to old habits. That’s why your attempts at prioritizing God keep failing.

But it’s possible to make sustainable tweaks to your lifestyle that will allow you to develop, strengthen, and flourish in your relationship with God. But how?

How Can You Make Time for God with a busy schedule?

It’s possible to be crazy-busy and still find time to nurture your relationship with God when you truly make Him a priority. You can find time using a two-step process.

(1) Trim your waste then (2) tweak your priorities.

These simple steps are helpful for life in general, but will specifically help you finally fit God throughout your busy schedule.

Consider the following 50 creative ways to spend more time with God and you’re certain to find some tips that work for you. Perhaps these different ways of spending time with God will trigger a thought of some better ways that will work for your specific lifestyle.

50 Creative Ways of Spending Time with God

Consider the big picture:

1. Where are you “wasting” time currently?

    We all need time to relax and unwind, socialize, and spend time with family and friends. But where are you wasting excessive time?

    Social media is okay, but limiting it to one hour per day might gain you two hours of time over the course of the day.

    Figure out where the waste in your life is – and there is some. If you can’t find it, look again.

    2. Who are you allowing to consume your time unnecessarily?

    We are called to be loving neighbors (sisters, mothers, brothers, friends), but that doesn’t require us to squander endless hours on people who drain our time repeatedly.

    It’s hard to say NO, but God is counting on you to give Him some of your time and attention, too.

    It’s time to make some tough choices about priorities.

    3. Is your work consuming you?

    It’s a choice. Yes, many careers require long hours and overtime pay is a financial perk for many families, but God isn’t impressed by your bank account, the grand home you live in, or all the toys your children have.

    He wants YOU. He wants (and deserves) at least a sliver of your time.

    4. What’s holding you back?

    If you’re purposely avoiding God, get to the root of why you’re doing that and get past it.

    Don’t think you’re worthy? None of us are.

    Afraid because you’re a sinner? We all are.

    Concerned that He’s mad at you? He loves you unconditionally.

    Is your faith shaky? Admit it to God and don’t let it stop you from pursuing Him.

    If something is holding you back, tell God what it is and hand it over to Him. Life’s too short to avoid God for any reason.

    5. Look inside

    Look in the mirror… of your soul. You can keep your thoughts and feelings hidden from your friends and family, but God knows what’s really inside.

    It doesn’t take one extra minute of your time to improve your heart. That is, having the pure, kind, loving, and caring soul that Jesus called you to have.

    Even though God forgives us, He expects us to genuinely strive to improve our failings. Every improvement of the heart you make will advance your spiritual journey greatly.

    Tweak Your Time: Find Ways to Fit God into Your Schedule

    Plan times to talk to God during specific daily activities. Pick two or three – or more – and stick to it. Once those planned communication times become a habit, you’ll find yourself communicating with Him throughout the day.

    1. Whenever you wake during the night and when you can’t sleep.
    2. Before you get out of bed.
    3. While you drink your morning coffee or tea.
    4. While you eat breakfast (if you’re not eating with your family).
    5. During your bath or shower.
    6. While brushing your teeth.
    7. While getting dressed or primped.
    8. Every time you wash your hands.
    9. During your commute to work.
    10. While you eat lunch (if you’re not eating with your family).
    11. During your commute home.
    12. While you exercise.
    13. While doing the dishes.
    14. While doing laundry.
    15. While ironing (Does anyone still iron?)

    Bring God into your daily habits

    (These suggestions include loving your neighbor as Jesus instructed.)

    1. Bring God into your dinner conversation. For example, what is each person thankful for or who would they like to lift up in prayer that day?
    2. Tell someone you love them.
    3. Tell someone that God loves them.
    4. Write a sweet one-sentence note to someone.
    5. Pray with your children at night.
    6. Read Christian books to your young children. (Check our children’s book reviews.)
    7. Say a prayer of thanksgiving before meals.
    8. Surround yourself with like-minded people.
    9. End your day with prayers.
    10. Let God’s light shine through you in your words and actions.
    11. Be a role model of a loving, kind, and forgiving Christian.
    12. Be kind to someone who’s hurt you. Do it in the name of Jesus.
    13. Post your favorite Bible verse on your refrigerator or bathroom mirror.
    14. Pray for someone you don’t know.
    15. Read and reflect on a Bible verse each day. (I use VOD from BibleGateway and The Bible App).

    Replace things you enjoy with things you enjoy that also nourish your relationship with God

    1.  Listen to Christian music. Try these Worship Songs on YouTube.
    2.  Add Christian songs to your impromptu singing.
    3. Add Christian books and magazines to your reading list. (Check our reviews of books on faith.)
    4. Read the Bible instead of reading a book. Online versions are available to get you started.
    5. Watch Christian television shows.
    6. Watch Christian movies.
    7. Listen to Christian podcasts.
    8. Invite friends to join you at charitable events.
    9. Schedule date nights that benefit worthy causes.
    10. Bring God into your normal conversations. Share about your own journey.

    Make a Habit of Spending Time with God – Talk to Him throughout your day

    1.  Thank God each time you recognize a blessing.
    2. Pray for each person who needs it at the moment you recognize it.
    3. Tell Him how amazing He is whenever He wows you.
    4. Ask Him for help, strength, or courage at the moment you need it.
    5. Ask God for forgiveness at the moment you recognize you need it.

    I hope these 50 ways to spend time with God give you the encouragement you need to strengthen your relationship with Him.

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