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Not Knowing But Still Going Book Review

Not Knowing But Still Going Book Review

Uncertainty, change and the unexpected we all struggle with unknowns. So what can we learn from Noah’s Ark and the women who entered it? In this inspiring, honest and compelling book, Jocelyn-Anne walks us through the Genesis story, exploring the unprecedented challenges Noah and his family faced. Blending biblical reflections with personal experiences of God’s faithfulness in uncertain times, Not Knowing but Still Going considers:
How can we progress when we can’t feel any movement?
How can we respond to the suddenlies in life?
What can we do with the want in the wait?
Do women have key roles to play?
If you are feeling swamped by a flood of unknowns, Jocelyn-Anne offers profound encouragement to keep going, and to find refuge in the Lord until the way becomes clear.


Ms. Harvey’s Not Knowing But Still GoingA buoyant hope for uncertain times is a delightful, thought-provoking, engaging journey that parallels the Noah’s Ark story to the unknowns in today’s world. Adding even more interest is viewing Noah’s story through the lens of the four women who supported and followed Noah on an unprecedented mission.

Full of scripture references, prayers, and journal prompts for reflection, Not Knowing But Still Going brings the reader through a spiritual journey of sorts.

Noah buffs may already understand the history and genealogy of Noah’s family and their story, but I personally found the facts and conjecture to be interesting and informative. I was surprised to discover the similarities to Noah’s story and life today. The author wrote with the Covid pandemic as a current day “unknown” similar to Noah’s, but the book doesn’t focus on the pandemic and the context is far more versatile to and relevant to the unknowns of everyday life.

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The book is published through Amazon UK so the US price is slightly higher than a book in the US would typically be. Even so, I think this book has enough value for consideration. As I was reading, it kept striking me that the content would be suitable for group discussion; book club, church group, or youth group.


Who would enjoy this book?

The intended audience is for those who are struggling through a challenge, but isn’t everyday life a challenge? Isn’t growing your faith a challenge?  I would describe Not Knowing But Still Going as a faith-building Christian lifestyle book with a history lesson as the foundation. I think it would suit anyone who’s looking to draw closer to God and learn to rely on him in everyday life. As mentioned previously, I highly suggest this for consideration of book club or group study.

How this book affected me

My favorite books (and movies) are amazing true stories. Not only did this book educate me about the facts of Noah and the ark adventure, but also made it more real and personal to me by putting more context around the story and the ‘characters’ of the rest of the family. What struck me was the enormous faith they all must have had to press on through their fears and apprehension to listen to Noah and put faith and trust in his relationship with God.

Meet The Author: Jocelyn-Anne Harvey

Jocelyn-Anne Harvey is an author, writer and speaker. She has a Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Chichester and her flash fiction has been published. Having taken the leap from her leadership role in the UK Government, Jocelyn-Anne can identify with those walking through uncertain times, and she is passionate to develop and support others through theirs.


The book reviews at Finding God Among Us focus on Christian books – adult and children, fiction and nonfiction. Our specialty is books on faith and new Christian book releases. We’re proud to be included in the Top 20 Christian Book Review Bloggers.  I chose to read this book in exchange for my honest opinion.


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