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Social Media Pressure helps show why social media can leave you feeling sad, anxious, and depressed and points to practical ways of turning to Jesus for rest and wholeness. 

Statistics show that we (especially teens) spend most of our waking hours on screens, without a lot of direction on managing our online life. In this devotional, John Perritt, a longtime youth pastor, will guide you in making sure that your relationship with God remains at the center of your life without letting your phone take over.

The devotionals address social media pressures including the fear of missing out, comparing yourself with others, being bullied, and even being addicted. They will help you interact with social media in a way that is sensible, smart, and even biblical, while at the same time finding the peace that comes with walking alongside Jesus.

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Are you a parent of a teen, a youth minister or counselor? Social Media Pressure is a book for the teens you know!

We all know the convenience of modern technology and we all know how it’s changing life as we knew it. We know cell phone overuse has negative consequences on people, especially our impressionable youth. And we know it isn’t going away.

So how do we provide our youth with better tools for handling the addictive tendencies that come with social media and cell phones? Social Media Pressure is a great starting point, with the goal of helping teens find peace alongside Jesus.

This 4-week devotional frames all the social media challenges in terms of Scripture, describes real-life examples, and provides excellent food for thought. Each topic ends with practical steps teens can take to change their current mindset or habits. The daily commitment is only a couple of pages to read for 4 days per week. Weekends are only food for thought. It’s designed perfectly for teens who don’t want to spend a lot of time reading and reflecting!

I love the idea of the reader inviting an “Alongsider” to accompany them on the journey – because the topics are definitely suited for frank and introspective discussion.

Author John Perritt doesn’t shy away from the hard truth of the evils that lurk within social media, including envy, jealousy, and lust. Instead, he calls each demon into the light and forces it into full view, so the reader can acknowledge the effects of social media on their own life and make adjustments accordingly.

Above all, Social Media Pressure directs teen readers to the only true source of happiness and contentment – that is Jesus Christ. Any other substitute leaves us hollow.

I would encourage any parent to read this book, whether or not they are an ‘Alongsider’. As adults and parents, the topics included in Social Media Pressure impact all of us, and we would all be better off reflecting on the grip social media has on our own lives.

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Social Media Pressure

Social Media Pressure helps show why social media can leave you feeling sad, anxious, and depressed and points to practical ways of turning to Jesus for rest and wholeness. 


Author: John Perritt

Author: John Perritt

ISBN: 978-1645073109

Date Published: 2023-05-15


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