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Popular podcaster and self-proclaimed control freak Tara Sun shows how “having everything under control” is overrated–not to mention downright dangerous–and reveals the surprising, lifegiving alternative: only radical surrender to God brings the peace and fulfillment we yearn for.

Today’s culture is peddling a seductive promise, a message that bombards social media feeds and dominates bestseller lists: you can control your circumstances and achieve any goal through positive thinking, organization, and sheer force of will. But anyone who’s tried to white-knuckle their way to self-fulfillment has discovered what lies on the other side of this supposedly empowering message: frustration, disappointment, and exhaustion.

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I was unfamiliar with podcaster and author Tara Sun before reading Surrender Your Story, but I can now see why she would be so popular. Her story lays the foundation for a call to change for those who find themselves overwhelmed by unmet expectations, pressure to be real-life superheroes, and slaves to perfect social media lives.

You might not think a 23-year-old would have a compelling story about ditching the myth of control and discovering freedom in trusting God, but Ms. Sun’s life is packed with challenges and she’s living proof of what it means and what it takes to surrender it all over to God.

Sun admits she hasn’t perfected relinquishing control, which makes her all the more relatable. The impressive examples she shares of her relationship with God show the beautiful and distinct communication we can expect from God when we truly open ourselves to Him and listen to His voice.

I appreciated that Ms. Sun acknowledged the difficulty of understanding the concept of the Holy Spirit and discussed the importance of His role in our lives. I enjoyed hearing about her life’s journey in (eventual) obedience to God as well as the actionable steps Sun laid out to guide readers to a fulfilling life surrendered to Christ.

Who would benefit from this book

Anyone struggling under the weight and pressure of perfection or the societal challenge to “do it all” would definitely benefit from reading this book. If you’re looking to deepen your relationship with God, Surrender Your Story will help you get started.

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