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From the author of Call of a Coward—the God of Moses and the Middle-Class Housewife, comes another inspirational, Christian-living memoir. When Bob and Marcia Moston told their friends they were moving south, they meant it as a geographical move. They didn’t expect their plans to go south too. Trusting his wife’s previously sound judgment, Bob agrees to have Marcia go ahead of him and pick out a house—an efficient, low-maintenance one. It was a good plan. If only Marcia had stuck to it. But when she veers from the plan, the couple find themselves overwhelmed with the consequences of a seemingly bad decision. Marcia looks for encouragement in the story of Jacob—the patriarchal bad boy, remembered more for the predicaments he got himself into than for his commendable deeds—and the God who is not deterred by our plots, plans, stratagems, and side trips. Written with heart, humor, and biblical insight…

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Author Marcia Moston offers a delightful Christian adventure in her memoir, Going South with the God of Jacob’s and My Mistakes. Although I found the subtitle somewhat confusing, Ms. Moston skillfully draws parallels to her own misadventures and that of Biblical Jacob. What began as the author’s plan to purchase a home out of town while her husband remained behind to work, turned into a comedy of misjudgements that the author navigates with a delightful dose of faith and trust in God’s presence no matter how much her plans ‘went south’.

I had several laugh-out-loud moments among the many mishaps, making the story relatable and inspiring at the same time. Ms. Moston presented a beautiful example of living a messy life alongside a loving God and trusting that we are not forsaken.

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How this book affected me:

The premise of the book in regards to moving and home renovation is not an unfamiliar theme for me, although this story has a heavy dose of steroids, making it particularly enjoyable. As a superfan of narrative nonfiction, I appreciated the humor the author used and loved her frequent tie-in to Christian living. The reminder of God being there among the messiness of life is a potent and powerful message for Christians and non-Christians alike.

Who would enjoy this book:

Certainly, memoir fans would enjoy this book. Beyond that, anyone with a messy life who’s struggling to find God among the mayhem would be inspired by Going South.

From The Author, Marcia Moston:

Although I hold degrees from the University of Vermont and Trinity Theological seminary, most of what I’ve learned has been by the proverbial seat of my pants. I’ve taught English in a Christian high school, worked with orphans in a Mayan village in Guatemala, led mission teams throughout Central America, delivered Yellowbooks, stuffed vending machines, and lived in everything from tepees to parsonages. Currently, I help others put voice to their own stories through workshops and classes with the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Furman. I love to share the stories of what a very real God can do with the smallest of our offerings. Contact Ms. Moston HERE.

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