Broken Lenses Volume 2 Book Review

Broken Lenses Book Review Emily Bernath Seeing Others' Value in a World of Division

Broken Lenses: Seeing Others’ Value in a World of Division, is the second book in the Broken Lenses series.

In the first book of the series, Broken Lenses: Identifying Your Truth in a World of Lies, we explore what it looks like to see ourselves as God sees them, and when we do, we can experience intimacy in relationship with Him. This second book addresses how we should see others the same way God sees them. When we see others the way God sees them, it facilitates an environment of unity, rather than the division we commonly see in this world.

Broken Lenses: Seeing Others’ Value in a World of Division focuses on twelve different truths such as, “They are Worthy,” “They are Welcome,” and “They Belong.”


We all have biases. Our life experiences shape our beliefs and we start to see others through broken lenses. We make assumptions and decide people’s perceived value based on worldly standards. Author Emily Bernath lays out a comprehensive case that we can choose instead to become people who uplift others by seeing and valuing them as God does.

Each chapter in Broken Lenses Volume 2 tackles a different aspect of God’s truth. We are all seen, equal, and welcome. We all belong, are worthy, and are chosen. Each topic ends with a call to action and includes questions as food for thought and space for written reflection. Scripture supports each concept and a prayer wraps up each topic. Ms. Bernath’s use of examples is helpful to drive home the points made and for those who truly want to assess their lens and make any changes needed, there’s plenty of opportunity for reflection and growth.

Broken Lenses Volume 2 is the sequel to Broken Lenses – Identifying Your Truth in a World of Lies. Whereas Volume 1 is introspective, Volume 2 explores seeing others as God sees them.

Ms. Bernath describes her personal story that was shaped by a lack of God in her life and being raped in college that resulted in her feeling ‘less than’ – a feeling that’s not uncommon for many people.

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Broken Lenses Volume 2 Seeing Others’ Value in a World of Division is a gem for self-reflection and a blueprint for those looking to put Christianity into daily practice according to the golden rule.

Who would enjoy this book?

Broken Lenses Volume 2 is a good book for anyone striving to put Christianity into daily practice. Christ calls us to love one another and this book is filled with practical guidance.

How this book affected me

I’ve not experienced the trauma of rape that Ms. Bernath did, but I fully understand the feeling of being ‘less than’. In my life, I’ve felt ‘invisible’ many times – not understood, not important, not seen. As I read Broken Lenses, I found it to be more universally applicable to a general audience than I originally thought it would be.

Meet The Author: Emily Bernath

Emily Bernath lives to share her passions of empowering women to know their value in Christ and being a light to other survivors of sexual assault. She has spoken to hundreds of people belonging to various faiths, age groups, and nations, and has taken the message of her first book, Broken Lenses: Identifying Your Truth in a World of Lies, to book stores across the nation. She serves on the board of the non-profit, Reveal to Heal International; whose prayer is that survivors of sexual abuse can heal their spiritual wounds through the power and love of Jesus Christ. Locally, she serves as a mentor to the next generation in youth ministry and speaks at numerous events in the Salt Lake Valley. Globally, she has shared her passions through humanitarian work in eSwatini, Africa, where she has gained a multi-cultural perspective of how the freedom from knowing God’s truth manifests in others.


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