Lessons I Have Unlearned Book Review

Lessons I Have Unlearned Book Cover Book Review

We all have ideas about what we think life will be like – ideas we pick up from books, films, music videos, the adults around us, and even church. We think we have a roadmap that will guide us towards success. But it isn’t long before life throws some curve-balls at us. Florence Gildea looks at a series of myths that we cannot help but absorb from films, fairytales, songs, and advertisements: that we get to call the shots and have control over how our lives turn out; that a happily ever after is within our reach. All the strategies we have learned to make ourselves safe, loveable, and successful will backfire. Life, it turns out, is found exactly where Jesus said it was: at the end of ourselves, at the foot of the cross.


Ms. Gildea lays bare her soul, exposing all of her anxieties, struggles with mental illness, anorexia and rock bottom self-esteem with such wit and intelligently crafted examples of her very relatable life, that she immediately engages the reader. Just reading the table of contents chapter titles pulls you in for more!

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Florence’s big turn-around happened when she read P. Yancy’s book What’s So Amazing About Grace and is finally able to live into the truth that God loves us completely, struggles and all, and that He never abandons us on this zig-zag journey called life.

Readers will easily identify with the modern day struggles the author humorously describes, and be comforted by the ancient truths of love, hope, grace, and beauty we get when we are in a relationship with God.

How this book affected me:

Lessons I Have Unlearned helped me to understand the negative impact that modern-day pressures have on everyone, perhaps most especially on those who present a strong profile to the world.

Who would enjoy this book:

Anyone who is struggling to juggle and control their lives but feels like they are losing the battle will find help in this book. 

MEET THE AUTHOR Florence Gildea

Florence Gildea currently lives in London. She has a BA in History and an MPhil in Sociology from the University of Cambridge. She has worked for two MPs, as an assistant chaplain at a boarding school, editorial assistant for Magnify, a Christian magazine, and for two national charities. She’s also written for: Christian Today, Woman Alive, Premier Christianity, Magnify, Deeply Rooted and Evangelicals Now.  


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