Best Devotionals for 20 Somethings 2024

The 20s is such an exciting decade for young adults to come into their own. The future stands as a bright white canvas, just waiting to be painted with endless hopes and dreams.

It’s during this time when many young women and men begin a spiritual journey that may or may not diverge from that of their childhood. The following Best Devotionals for 20 Somethings are a perfect way to explore God’s Word on our unique path of spiritual growth. 

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Journey of Spiritual Growth

A devotional book provides short daily readings that are based on Bible verses, followed by a reflection on the scripture, and practical advice or personal stories to help apply the lesson to your life. Many daily devotions end each day’s reading with a powerful prayer or questions for personal reflection.

Some daily devotions are themed, for example, anxiety, dating, college life, or young moms, while others are faith-based, for example, focusing on the Holy Spirit, God’s love, or finding your purpose in life. 

So, in order to find the perfect devotional for the 20 Something in your life, let’s explore some options depending on personal experiences of their own life or interests.

20 Somethings are BUSY!

Devotionals have short daily readings to fit into a busy schedule for those with a never-ending to-do list! This is good news for busy 20 Somethings!

In less than ten minutes of quiet time each day, young people can develop a deeper relationship with God.  

Devotionals with very short daily readings are typically called ‘3-minute devotions’. Many devotionals include 365 readings so you have one for each day of the year.

Faith-Based Devotionals

Faith-based devotionals are a powerful tool to dig deeper into the word of God when you don’t have time to read the Bible or attend Bible studies.

They’re a great way of drawing closer to our Heavenly Father by spending time with Him on a daily basis without a big time commitment – perfect for a 20 Something!

Faith-Based Devotionals for 20 Something Women

While many devotionals are applicable to anyone, some are geared specifically toward women. Following are a few great options that speak right to the ladies’ hearts.

Faith-Based Devotionals for Any 20 Something!

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The 20s are a perfect time to turn to God for direction in our lives and to figure out our purpose.

What better way to draw closer to Him than with a devotional that not only honors Him but helps point a 20 Something in the right direction for their future?

Some great choices are:

Life-Themed Devotionals

Let’s take a look at some lifestyle themes that are perfect for 20 Somethings!

The 20s are a decade of change and growth. And while it’s definitely an exciting time, it also comes with a lot of challenges, fear, heartbreak, and uncertainty. Let’s explore some common 20 Something life experiences in the following themes.


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College is the time when 20 Somethings question everything they thought they knew and search for meaning in life and for their future.

These daily devotionals for college students will help 20 Somethings navigate their faith during this exciting and confusing time.


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Unless we have a firm faith foundation when we start dating seriously, our romantic relationships can go terribly wrong.

These dating devotionals provide hope, guidance, and wisdom for 20 Somethings as they make important relationship decisions that will impact their future.

These devotionals are aimed toward dating couples but can be used by one or both of the pair.


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Starting life as a married couple is a beautiful and magical time of life. 20 Somethings who choose to keep Christ in their marriage and grow in faith together set a firm foundation for their future.

Below are some great choices for newlyweds or any married couples.

Young Parents:

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Beginning a family is one of the most amazing and exciting (and exhausting) seasons of life. For those 20 Somethings who choose this path, the devotionals below invite God into their journey as new parents.

Devotional Apps:

20 Somethings are all about the apps! Devotional apps are a perfectly portable, daily devotional reading, bible study, and bible all-in-one! You can typically find specific devotional topics or bible studies that apply to your Christian life circumstances. Most apps will also allow you to complete daily devotionals as a small group of family members or friends.  The group dynamic is helpful to see and discuss the personal reflections of others in the group. 

One Bible App that includes a large variety of daily devotionals, many of which would apply to 20 Somethings, is the YouVersion Bible App, available for Android and iOS.

Did this Best Devotionals for 20 Somethings help you find the perfect devotional? What did you choose? If you didn’t find one, I’d love to hear what you were hoping to find!

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