Finding Jesus on the Upside Down Days Book Review


In Finding Jesus on Upside Down Days, Jill Miller gives heartwarming, intimate glimpses of her life on the farm. But more than this, as Jill takes care of her animals, enjoying what the Creator has made, God takes her upside-down soul and sets it right-side up.

Designed as a 52-week family devotional, readers of all ages and abilities will enjoy this illustrated collection of stories starring Jill’s farm animals and pets.

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Author Jill Miller’s 52 devotions from the barnyard make a fun, educational, and faith-building family adventure. Finding Jesus on the Upside Down Days is a grandmother’s interesting and educational narration of her barnyard stories. Miller relates her experiences to Jesus and His ability to turn our Upside Down days back upright.

Each ‘chapter’ is one or two pages long and includes Brad Woodard’s illustrations that are perfect for a children’s barnyard theme.

Most chapters include one or two related Bible verses that can either become prompts for conversation or simply help children associate the meaning of Bible verses to their daily life. As the reader gets to know Miller’s fainting goats, miniature Jerusalem donkeys, and dogs, they also learn about friendship, helping each other, and having a relationship with Jesus. Miller included the death of one of her beloved dogs, where she acknowledged her sadness and then kept on with life.

Finding Jesus on the Upside Down Days ends with Miller’s personal Christmas story that she relates to Christ’s birth. This ending makes Finding Jesus on Upside Down Days a good Advent devotional – that would be started 52 days before Christmas. It would also work well to read one per week, beginning at the start of the year and ending with the Christmas story. But really, the devotional can be used in any way the family (or teacher) sees fit.

This is definitely a devotional that families who love animals would enjoy.

New Growth Press hasn’t listed an age for this book on the Amazon listing. I suggest it’s best for ages 5+, but younger siblings could also appreciate much of it, too.

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