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God wants more for you than you think

Do you have a dream in your heart or longing in your soul for something more?
Leaving a dream unspoken or silencing disappointment can lead to a life disconnected from God and our purpose. There is a better way.

In How Much More? you will be empowered to: Go to God with your unfulfilled promises and forgotten dreams, Discover how God can use those longings and dreams to direct you into a deeper Kingdom purpose, Meet God with both transformation and fulfillment, Find the courage to step into your calling, and Seek joy and delight in the process.

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Author Molly Wilcox’s invitation to find fulfillment in a generous God is sure to leave readers inspired. At some point, most Christians wonder what God’s will for their life is and want more out of life. Wilcox encourages readers to bring those desires to God. She explains her concepts using personal stories and comparing and contrasting relationships between humans with our relationships with God. Her conversational style is easy, flowy, engaging, and relatable.

Topics cover the gamut of deepening a relationship with God, including ways of communicating with God, knowing what He wants for us, and pursuing our dreams. How Much More also addresses the disappointment of unrealized dreams and becoming disheartened by the path our life has taken.

Wilcox offers the hope and encouragement most people need to dream bigger and have the courage to pursue those dreams with a firm foundation set in Christ. The beauty of the message of this book is that learning to reach for everything life has to offer is most effective when we reach out to God.

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Who would benefit from this book

How Much More is one of those books that can benefit almost every Christian in some way because most of us want a fulfilling life in Christ. Many of the suggestions in the book are typical of people looking to deepen their relationship with God, making it suitable for Christians who are trying to discern God’s will for their lives and draw closer. If you’re looking for a personal relationship with God, this book is a good start.

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