God Made Me For Heaven Book Review

God Made Me For Heaven Book Review

Children have lots of questions about God and heaven. While most kids have ideas of what heaven will be like, do they know what God says? Kids (and many adults) picture heaven as up in the sky, among the clouds, with angels who have wings and harps. They have a general understanding that heaven is with God, but few realize our ultimate destination is not up in the sky.

In God Made Me for Heaven, Marty Machowski shares deep theological truths through a creative story. Told through the perspective of a grandmother sharing her hope of heaven to her grandchildren and their friends, this picture book beautifully illustrated by Trish Mahoney includes a gospel presentation and speaks about eternity in simple language kids can understand.

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Leo begins his summer vacation playing with his group of diverse friends. When Leo and his friends begin talking with Leo’s grandmother about his grandfather, it opens the door for the children to inquire about heaven, where Grandpa now lives.

The children ask questions of Grandma about heaven and eternity that curious children would likely be interested to know. For example, does Grandpa now have wings like an angel? Was Grandpa sad to leave the family? How good do you have to be to go to heaven?

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Author Marty Machowski bases his concepts of heaven and Grandma’s answers about heaven on Scripture, as noted as an introduction and throughout the story, where applicable. Illustrator Trish Mahoney has illustrated other books in this series and presents Leo’s friends as a diverse group of children with varying skin colors and hair colors and textures. The colorful images convey the message of the story skillfully.

Additional resources for parents or educators include a guide for teaching children about heaven, including discussion questions.

The concept of heaven is evasive and mysterious, even to most adults. Mr. Machowski presents it in child-friendly terms, helping to establish a hope and awe for the afterlife. Indeed, heaven is like a summer vacation that never ends.

About The Author, Marty Machowski:

Marty Machowski serves as both the Executive Pastor and Family Pastor at Covenant Fellowship Church in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, where he has served on the pastoral staff for over 30 years. He is the author of The Ology, a systematic theology for children, Long Story Short, Ten-Minute Devotions to Draw Your Family to God, The Gospel Story Sunday School Curriculum, the companion Gospel Story Children’s Bible, and more.

About the Illustrator:

Trish Mahoney is a graphic designer and illustrator in the Pacific Northwest where she runs The Mahoney Studio with her husband, also a designer and illustrator.

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