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Why Do We Say Thank You Book Review


“On a fine, frosty day, in the small town of Kent,  there awoke a young boy who was never content.”  

From the moment he wakes up, the young boy complains about everything. The sun is too bright, his pancakes are icky, and everything is so terribly boring. He can’t see why everyone else is having such a wonderful time—until his eyes are opened to the wonder of God’s world. Now he begins to see all the great things he’s missed and learns to be grateful. 

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A young complainer finds every reason to grumble. Everything in his life seems to be as boring as boring can be. Author Champ Thornton’s wonderful rhyme carries Why Do We Say Thank You?‘ through a fun-filled day that our grumpy main character can’t appreciate. Later, a talk from his father prompts a dream that helps the boy look at the little things in life with more wonder and appreciation of God’s gifts.

The title of ‘Why Do We Say Thank You?‘ led me to believe the book would have a different focus than it actually does. Even the subtitle of ‘Learning to be grateful‘ doesn’t quite capture the focus of appreciating the beauty and blessing of all of God’s gifts. In any case, the concept is an important lesson for young Christian learners.

Mr. Thornton is a talented Christian children’s book author and this book is no exception. Brad Woodward’s delightful, bright, full-color illustrations grab attention and include a nice assortment of diverse characters.

Why Do We Say Thank You would be a great book for children who tend to complain about being bored or who have a difficult time appreciating the little things in life. If a child you love needs to learn to be grateful, this book would be a good starting point. The suggestions at the end of the book will help parents carry this lesson of gratitude forward into daily life.

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