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One of my favorite ways to keep God alive in my heart is by reading books that feed my soul a serving of Jesus. Here’s a list of Christian books that you can keep at your fingertips to help you pick your next great Christian book.

List of Christian Books

Best-Sellers and New Releases

Even if you don’t shop at Amazon, they’re a huge bookstore and are a great resource for finding a list of Christian books. There lists are always up-to-the-minute best selling or new releases and are available with only a few clicks.

You can further drill into the Amazon results by picking any Christian book subgenre of your choice. All the options are listed in the sidebar menu of the Amazon results page. Voila! Instant Christian book finds! The Amazon lists are always up to date so keep the links at your fingertips. No purchase is necessary.

Amazon Prime Members

Are you a Prime member? Use these links to fast track to current adult or children’s Christian book finds for Prime Members.

Library Book Readers

Are there any other library book readers left, besides me? Check out the bestsellers or new releases, add them to your Goodreads account, then you know exactly what to search for at your local library. (And while you’re there, be sure to follow me on Goodreads. 🙂 )

Our Christian Book Reviews

And don’t forget our own Christian Book Reviews! The books we read and review are new releases and include books by traditional publishers and professional independent authors.

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Now go feed your soul some Jesus!