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Jesus Protects Book Review


Jesus Protects promises to give you a bold spirit.

Jesus Protects offers reflections on David’s victory over Goliath and how to apply the same truths into your life. It spans 20 weeks and focuses on a bold theme for each week and is further divided into five sections for each of the days of the week:

By focusing on each theme for five consecutive days, I hope to offer a unique devotional program, one that encourages reading, reflection, study, and prayer focused on the events in David’s life in the Bible.

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Christians, and even many non-Christians, are familiar with the Biblical story of David and Goliath. Little David becomes the unlikely hero who defeated the ruthless giant in the most famous under-dog story of all time. Author Niti Krishnakumar’s devotional Jesus Protects uses David’s inspirational example as the foundation for leading readers on a 20-week journey to unlocking their bold spirit in Christ.

We all face “Goliaths” in life, whether it be people, circumstances, or various challenges. But how can we live life with a bold spirit even through our challenges? The key to living boldly is relying on God’s grace, protection, and redemption, as David did. Ms. Krishakumar leads readers through a personal journey with weekly themes such as, Is there a Goliath in your life, Is Goliath intimidating you with his words, Stand up for what you believe, and the Lord gives great success.

Jesus Protects is broken down by a different theme for each week that includes five lessons per week; the theme, a description of the challenge faced, what the topic means to the reader, ‘God speaking’ to the reader about the topic, and promises found in Scripture that are related to the theme.

Certainly David’s life is a good example of boldness of spirit for other Christians to study and emulate. This devotional takes boldness-seeking readers on a worthwhile adventure.

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Who would benefit from this book?

Christians looking to be more bold in their life, their calling, or their faith would benefit from this devotional. Devotional lovers would certainly enjoy this book, especially with the price currently free. (And I would still recommend it if it weren’t free 🙂 )

How this book affected me

For a free book, I didn’t have a very high expectation, so Jesus Protects was a big, pleasant surprise. What I really appreciated about this devotional that’s different than most is the historical context the author includes that gives the original framework for each theme but also shows how the topics are still relevant to Christians today.

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