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It’s easy to lose heart in a world where many things can and do go wrong. Life is difficult and there are struggles within and without, but we can take heart—the Lord is with us. He hears our cries for mercy. He knows our every need. He guides us, helps us, and strengthens us with his mighty right arm. Journey through a year with David Powlison, learning to “take heart” by meditating on his favorite Scripture passages, hymns, and biblical themes, exploring the ways God meets us with daily grace right where we live.

Drawn from David Powlison’s many decades of writing, teaching, and speaking, Take Heart is a yearlong devotional journey into the process of biblical change, where truth becomes clearer and our ears hear and our eyes see what God tells us about himself.

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Many Jesus-seekers want to know how to deepen their relationship with God. Well, David Powlison’s Take Heart is a great starting point! If a reader absorbs these one-page prompts and uses them to facilitate internal reflection, personal challenges, and intentional dialogue with God, the result will be a deeper faith.

The 365 daily prompts cover many lesser-known verses, giving the reader a broader exposure to Scripture than they might get otherwise. The selected Scriptures cover the beauty of the Psalms, the truth of the Gospels, and a mixture of Old and New Testament verses. All of the Scripture and the reflective, instructive messages point us to a deeper relationship that a reader of this book would be seeking.

Take Heart – Daily Devotions to Deepen Your Faith is a posthumous publication of David Powlison’s many years of Christian writing and teaching. His wife participated on the team who brought Mr. Powlison’s words to a new life in these devotions.

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Who would benefit from this book

Anyone who enjoys devotionals that take just a few minutes a day to read and those who are looking to deepen their relationship with God would enjoy this book. Take Heart would also make a nice gift for a new believer or someone who is struggling with faith or facing a current struggle.

How this book affected me

This is my kind of book! It helps the reader focus on drawing nearer to God by using Scripture and a short reading. The topics vary and cover a lot of ground that will apply to most people in many circumstances. The commentary is thought-provoking, challenging, and inspiring.

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