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5 Tips to Restore Your Faith When You Doubt Christianity

I’m not one of those fortunate people who hears God speaking clearly to me, but the gift I have been blessed with is unshakable faith. As unshakable as human faith can possibly be. Maybe 99%.

Most of us have doubts at one time or another. My 1% doubt sometimes surfaces even though I’ve been looking forward to the afterlife since I was a teenager. Yet when I recently awaited test results that might tell me I had terminal cancer (I didn’t), I felt a dread that maybe I wasn’t ready for the afterlife after all.

Do you doubt the presence of God? Eternal life? Jesus? Most of us have doubts at one time or another. It’s human nature. So, how can we rebound when our faith and hope are shaken? These 5 tips will help get you back on track.

Doubt is human nature. SO….

how can we rebound when our faith and hope are shaken?

Look at God’s amazing creation.

Getting out in nature is the best way I know to find the presence of God. His handiwork is unfathomable. When I think about the intricacies of human beings and the entire world and galaxies around us, I simply cannot accept that it was all created by happenstance. Everything created seems to have a purpose of one sort or another – except sunrise and sunset. To me, the only ‘purpose’ of those is their beauty, a gift from God to His people. When in doubt, get out into nature. Really see and feel Him. He’s there.

Consider the cycle of life.

I think it’s impossible to hold a baby and not marvel at the idea of procreation. That matter from two different beings can create a cell that transforms into a human, or an octopus, or a giraffe. The incredible intelligence that designed and created such a process is beyond my comprehension. How can this be anything but divine?

Go back to the Bible.

So, what about the Bible itself? Some of the things included in the Old Testament might seem a little far-fetched. Can it possibly be true? I, for one, cannot vouch for the validity of the Bible, but I know there are many intelligent and determined historians who’ve tried to disprove it for centuries. What remains in the Bible has been deemed valid by numerous historians and religious scholars. If we trust the Bible as being God’s Word, then open it up and find Him there.

You need facts? Look at history.

Jesus was a real person. It’s undisputed by historians. Even most religions acknowledge the presence of Jesus and his divine connections. Most non-Christians consider Him a prophet – connected to God. If you want to get to know Jesus and hear His Word, read the Gospels in the Bible. The message that He gave to His people over 2,000 years ago still applies to us today. He tells us in the Gospels that He died for our sins, so that we may be forgiven. The story of His crucifixion and resurrection is for each one of us. He was different than a martyr who dies for God. He was our Savior, dying for us.

Go to Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John and meet Jesus there.

Read a book!

One of my favorite ways to get a faith mini-makeover is to read inspirational books. My favorites are stories of doubters who’ve set out to disprove Christianity and end up concluding that there is no other answer than Christianity. The people who say that Christians are weak and grasping at shadows find that Christianity is anything but that! I find those fascinating.

There are many different types of books you can use. From devotions, memoirs, and historical nonfiction to textbooks and how-to’s. Grab one that suits you and let it rejuvenate your faith.

So tell me…

How do you flush doubt out of your head? Tell me in the comments.

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