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Do you have any of these 6 Christian Superpowers?

What is your Christian Superpower? Are you using it?

“You can be anything you want to be” is a powerful motivational message, but the reality is, we’re each pre-wired with natural strengths. I’ve always felt making the most of the talents we’ve been given allows us to achieve our highest potential (and greatest satisfaction).

If you've been looking for God's calling for your life, look no further. He's wired you with your Christian superpower. What better place to start serving?

But, what is a Christian superpower?

Christian superpowers are our innate strengths that are used to keep God alive in today’s world. They’re how we serve Him. They’re the way we live as His disciples.  

What’s your superpower?

Here are 6 examples of Christian superpowers. Where do you see yourself?

The Preacher

You know those people who have the gift of gab. The ones that strike up a conversation with a stranger and part as friends. These people are God’s mouthpiece. Once they hone their superpower, the “preachers” love talking about Jesus and find any reason to do it.

The Pray-er

Then there are the behind-the-scenes dwellers. The silent-types. But their quiet exterior belies a bustling world taking place within their mind. The superpower for these pray-ers is just that – to pray for others, to ask God to grant healing, forgiveness, blessings, and mercy on behalf of others. To ask Jesus to make Himself present to the lost and hardened. The power of prayer is incredible.

The Messenger

What about those who like to spread a message? Messengers don’t use the spoken word in the way preacher-types do. Messengers reach people using alternative communication methods. They’re social media aficionados, bloggers, podcasters, authors, musicians, and artists.

Messengers find artistic ways of bringing the Good News to others. The platforms they use may be solely dedicated to spreading God’s Word or may be coupled with another worldly objective. In any case, the creative talents they share with the world place a spotlight on Jesus.

The Servant

The epitome of servant superpower is Mother Teresa, my all-time favorite role model. Servants serve others. Maybe it’s through their profession, like counselors, nurses, educators, and fire fighters. Servants often volunteer, such as little league coaches or non-profit organizers.

Servants exemplify Jesus’ example and God’s goodness to others through their work.   

The Samaritan

Are you the one who bakes for your sick neighbor, serves at the soup kitchen, visits people in hospitals or nursing homes, or fosters children? Do you find it easy to lend a hand, your heart, or your home? Good Samaritans find any and every way to be the hands of God at work on earth.

The Sunshine

Are you the amazingly positive type? People with the sunshine superpower find reasons to smile and brighten up any situation they face. Does your faith bring that smile to your face? Let people know when it’s God’s love and compassion that has you beaming. Give people you encounter a glimpse of the joy that being a Christian brings to your heart.

What are your Superpowers?

After reading this list, you may have discovered you have more than one superpower, since we’re usually blessed with multiple talents. Just remember that muscles get stronger as we use them. So too, our Christian superpower. As we flex those superpowers, we get more comfortable serving, we find it easier to reach out to others, and to listen to our calling.

Use your superpowers!

A typical Christian journey involves discerning, then following God’s will for our lives. Once you realize your superpower, it’s time to get busy doing the work God is calling you to do. Answering God’s calling will be one of the greatest thrills of your life.

Answering God’s calling

Now that you see your natural talents can be honed to serve God, it’s time to put them to use. If you’ve been looking for God’s calling for your life, look no further. He’s wired you to do His work with the talents He gave you. What better place to start serving? You might also be interested in my post about praying for God’s Will or Your Own and How God Answered Me.

So tell me…

What Christian superpower do you have? How are you using them? How do you plan to make better use of them? Let me know in the comments!

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