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Are you ready to establish yourself as an expert?

Let me help you take your business to the next level. Knock your clients’ socks off! Establish yourself as an expert in ANY field, whether it be in fitness, tax accounting, corporate training, real estate, or literally anything!

YOUR BOOK sets you apart from the crowd!

Having your own book helps you gain exposure within your niche. It opens doors to publicity, interviews, and speaking engagements. Expand your income stream by offering your book to your clients! And potential clients. At conferences or online. During workshops or other networking groups. Boost your credibility and showcase your expertise!

Your book can become a marketing advantage. Learn more about how your business fits into your Author Platform. What’s an Author Platform? I’ve spelled it out in Author Platform 101.

Are you ready to boost your business with your own business book? Wow your customers and establish yourself as an expert. Let me ghostwrite your biz book!
Ghostwriting Your Biz Book

Grow Your Business

Use your book to:

  • Market and promote your business.
  • Increase your income stream.
  • Expand your product offering.
  • Grow your business by establishing yourself as an expert.

Are you willing to invest in the growth of your business? Are you ready to find out how affordable your book can be?

How does it work?

I’ll be Your Write Hand! My ghostwriting for business book service is catered to meet your needs. After a consultation, we’ll hold a series of interviews in which you’ll walk me through your message. I’ll turn your thoughts into a comprehensive and cohesive text that will become the draft of your book or booklet. You’ll have the opportunity to make changes before the manuscript is finalized.

You own the completed manuscript and can choose your publishing option, whether it be through a traditional book publisher, an independent publisher, or using the services of Your Write Hand.

Our services are professional, prompt, and flexible to your unique needs.

Feel free to consult my references!

The sky’s the limit for future content.

Once you see how easy it is to get your book written and published, the sky’s the limit for future content your customers will love! It’s a breeze to offer unlimited print or online media to your clients; paid versions will add to your revenue and freebies will help grow your audience.

Offer checklists, webinars, podcasts, another book, tutorials – virtually anything that helps serve your clients or brings you new clients.

At Your Write Hand, your business is our business. Our skills include website development and maintenance, landing page and email list development, e-commerce.

We’ll make your business tools work so you can work on your business.

But first things first… Let’s talk about that book of yours!

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