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Children learn from the earliest age that Jesus loves them and that they should love him back, but do they really understand who Jesus is? How do you help a child get to know someone they can’t see and hear? Thankfully, God gives us a whole Bible of word pictures to help us get to know and love Jesus. In Who is Jesus?, Joe and Kate Hox combine illustrations and deep thoughts simply shared to bring forty word pictures of Jesus to life.

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Kate Hox’s Who is Jesus is a 40-lesson journey through the Bible on a mission to discover Jesus more fully and deeply. Each lesson is referred to as a “day” and includes a key verse, Bible passage, reflection, questions, and even song suggestions (at the end of the book). 

There is one illustration per segment that accompanies 1 1/2 – 2 pages of text. The short reads are interesting and informational, and they walk through various books of the Bible with both well-known and lesser-known stories, facts, and tidbits. The topics progress through the Old Testament, beginning with Genesis, and into the New Testament.

The questions for most segments are thought-provoking and may require more in-depth study or review, like a true Bible study. As one example, Day 23’s reflection questions include: Read Isaiah 42:1. How does this story fulfill Isaiah’s prophecy? And another: Why is it so important that Jesus was sinless? See 2 Corinthians 5:21 and Hebrews 4:15.

There isn’t an age range specified on Amazon for this book, but it isn’t your typical “picture book” as the subtitle might imply. This book is a teaching tool and I would recommend it for ages 7 and up to get the most benefit. There is so much content included that children would benefit from repeating these lessons as they grow and mature.

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The illustrations represent the key topics. Many have a dark look and feel. They definitely weren’t what I expected from the light and bright cover image, but the graphic novel style appeals to the target audience. 

The lessons are categorized as “days”, but the book doesn’t have to be used as a one-a-day. Who is Jesus would make a great family activity for any time of the year, but would make a particularly good Lenten season or Christmas activity.

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