Your Christian Superpower

If you've been looking for God's calling for your life, look no further. He's wired you with your Christian superpower. What better place to start serving?

What is your Christian Superpower? Are you using it? “You can be anything you want to be” is a powerful motivational message, but the reality is, we’re each pre-wired with natural strengths. I’ve always felt making the most of the talents we’ve been given…

Here I am, Lord

Are you waiting for God to reveal His plan for your life? He's already spoken to you. Are you ready to heed His instruction?

My favorite way to pray is through song. For some reason, the combination of music and lyrics often brings me to the verge of tears as the words seem to flutter into my soul. One such tearjerker is by Dan Schutte. ‘Here I am,…

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