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Dream Chasers Book Review. Christian books adult nonfiction. A Journey of Faith. Author Eric Suddoth. Christian Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie.

Dream Chasers Book Review

Dream Chasers A Journey of Faith is author Eric Suddoth’s guide to walking in alignment with God while chasing our dreams. Inspired by Hebrews 11, Faith in Action, the topics cover faith, hope, wisdom, and others. As compared to many other devotionals or Christian books, Dream Chasers contains a heavy dose of applicable Bible passages. Read more

Even When Book Review. Rejoicing in God’s Faithfulness through Life’s Uncertainty, Disappointment, and Loss. Christian nonfiction book. Author Sara Pasterski. Christian Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie.

Even When Book Review

God’s faithfulness during times of hardship. How do we keep our faithfulness even when we’re struggling? How can we trust in God’s faithfulness even when our faith is being tested? We all face hardships in life and sometimes it’s easy to turn away from God in our grief and disappointment. Even When – Rejoicing in Read more

Book Review She Prays. Christian adult nonfiction book. Author Debbie Lindell. Christian Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie

She Prays Book Review

Uplifting Guide for a Deeper Prayer Life She Prays – A 31-Day Journey to Confident Conversations With God is author Debbie Lindell’s uplifting and poignant devotional. It encourages readers to develop a deeper and more meaningful prayer life, leading to a stronger relationship with God. She Prays is filled with practical, actionable steps that anyone Read more

Christian Book Review: Nice. Author Sharon Hodde Miller. Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie. Why We Love to Be Liked and How God Calls Us to More

Nice Book Review

A surprising and refreshing blindside Being nice is a good personality attribute, right? Niceness is something we aspire to, isn’t it? Well, the book Nice: Why We Love To Be Liked And How God Calls Us To More introduces a paradigm shift. It’s one that will hit you hard from left field and you’ll never Read more

Book Review Forged Through Fire. Author Mark D. McDonough, MD. Reviewer Shirley Alarie.

Book Review Forged Through Fire

Triumph over tragedy Dr. Mark McDonough’s memoir, Forged through Fire, is an inspirational journey through a series of life challenges that attest to the resiliency and strength of the human spirit. Enormous Challenges: No one’s life is perfect, but Dr. McDonough faced more challenges than one person should have to endure, most notably a house Read more

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