Struck by Lightning

Central Florida is sometimes referred to as the Lightning Capital of the World and Tampa sits in the middle of “Lightning Alley”. During these mighty storms, the aerial displays are magnificent, but the powerful wrath of Mother Nature can be intimidating.

To the residents of this area, the storms are just a way of life. My friend, Stacy, who lives there, had always remained cautious of the electrical storms – even afraid.

Recently, after several days of heavy storms, another one hammered her town and knocked out the power to her home. When electricity returned to the rest of the house, her patio remained dark. She lifted the cover to reset the GFCI outlet and BAM. A blinding white light filled the lanai while Stacy and her husband, standing three feet away, watched sparks flying out of Stacy’s fingers.

I’d never heard of anyone surviving a lightning strike. Especially having no ill-effects other than being tired and sore the next day. No burns? No pain? No neurological symptoms?

Stacy realized the enormity of her survival and wept in both disbelief and awareness that there must be more for her to accomplish in this world. Her tireless work helping animals in need can continue.

I can’t help but wonder if Stacy’s survival without a scratch is God showing us a modern day example that all things are possible. He says so in the Bible, but I never really gave that statement much consideration. Maybe this is His way of speaking directly to me. “See, I am showing you that all things are possible.

How has God spoken to you?


2 Comments on “Struck by Lightning”

  1. Wow, something must have really grounded her. I’m sure it was God too. I had a relative hit and it knocked her away from the stove and burned her stockings, she was older when she told me so it must have been in the 50’s or 60’s.

    • Everything according to God’s plan, even though it’s beyond my comprehension! I’m glad your relative survived it, too! Thank you and have a blessed day!

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