The Christmas Doll Book Review

The Christmas Doll Book Review. Based on a true story from the life of Gail Saxton Miller. Christian Christmas book. Author Jason F. Wright. Christian Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie.

Nostalgic Christmas memory. New York Times best-selling author Jason F. Wright brings the true story of Gail Saxton Miller to life in the new release, The Christmas Doll. Gail’s family was struggling financially when she was a child and the children were fortunate to…

Smarter Than a Monster Book Review

Smarter Than a Monster: A Survival Guide. Children’s Book Review. Children’s picture book. Brandon Mull Illustrator Mike Walton Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie

Nothing like some humorous reverse psychology to squelch a typical fear! This book has a brilliant premise… “the more you know about monsters, the more you will know how to defeat them.” Smarter Than A Monster is filled with clever wit to tackle a…

Book Review: Bill Marriott

Book Review Bill Marriott Success is Never Final. Christian adult nonfiction book. Author Dale Van Atta. Christian Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie.

A Christian Business Mogul? What does it take to grow an empire from the ground up? How can a Christian be a hungry business mogul? Bill Marriott – Success is Never Final: His Life and the Decisions that Built a Hotel Empire is a…

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