Still Book Review

Still Book Review Christian Book Review Christian Inspiration adult nonfiction book. 7 Ways to Find Calm in the Chaos. Author Jenny L. Donnelly. Christian Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie.

A powerful and actionable guide to finding rest in God. Author Jenny L. Donnelly skillfully walks readers through a comprehensive journey through the pains, frustrations, and chaos of daily life and the transformative power and grace that is ours if we invite God into…

Strong Brave Loved Book Review

Book Review Strong Brave Loved. Christian adult nonfiction book. Author Holley Gerth. Christian Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie.

60 days of Christian empowerment Author Holley Gerth’s Strong Brave Loved – Empowering Reminders of Who You Really Are is a journey of encouragement for women. The 60 daily topics cover the struggles, bumps, and roadblocks that most women face in their daily lives….

Book Review Forged Through Fire

Book Review Forged Through Fire. Author Mark D. McDonough, MD. Reviewer Shirley Alarie.

Triumph over tragedy Dr. Mark McDonough’s memoir, Forged through Fire, is an inspirational journey through a series of life challenges that attest to the resiliency and strength of the human spirit. Enormous Challenges: No one’s life is perfect, but Dr. McDonough faced more challenges…

Book Review Always We Begin Again

Book Review Always We Begin Again. Christian adult nonfiction book. Author Leeana Tankersley. Reviewer Shirley Alarie.

A message of hope for those struggling. A Beautiful Premise I love the premise of this book. No matter the circumstances, we can begin again. Taken from St. Benedict, “Always we begin again” is a message of hope. That each step forward is a…

A Redesigned Life Book Review

A Redesigned Life Book by Tracy Steel. Book Review by Shirley Alarie

Keeping God at the forefront during life’s challenges from a designer’s perspective. We’ve all struggled when our dreams haven’t materialized or when life takes a right turn when we were aiming left. A Redesigned Life: Uncovering God’s Purpose When Life Doesn’t Go as Planned…

Shift Your Thinking – Book Review

Shift Your Thinking For a Deeper Faith Book Review. Reviewer Shirley Alarie

Helpful prompts for a mini Christian-life makeover Shift Your Thinking for a Deeper Faith feels like a cross between Chicken Soup and Devotion. The 99 topics are mini-guides and prompts intended for self-reflection and, hopefully, self-improvement.  Like a typical devotion, they begin with a…

Breathe Again – Book Review

Breathe Again Christian book review

Standing firmly on God’s foundation when your world is crumbling. Your world doesn’t have to be in ruins for Breathe Again to bring the balance, joy, and faith that we can all use more of in life. Her perspective comes from her own losses in…

Back Roads to Belonging – Book Review

A motivational pep talk on belonging. back roads to Belonging Unexpected Paths to Finding Your Place and Your People By Kristen Strong

A motivational pep talk on belonging. Who hasn’t struggled with the need to belong? Saddled with feelings of inadequacy and loneliness that come from feeling like you don’t belong? In Back Roads to Belonging – Unexpected Paths to Finding Your Place and Your People author…

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