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Christian children’s books feed little minds and souls with Christian values and beliefs. Our Christian children’s book reviews help Christian parents find books suitable for their eager learners.

Jesus Saves Book Review The Gospel For Toddlers By Sarah Reju Illustrator Phil Schorr

Jesus Saves Book Review

Author Sarah Reju’s Jesus Saves board book for toddlers hits the mark on presenting an overview of God’s creation through Jesus’s resurrection to save us. The story begins with a cute, rhyming repetition that isn’t maintained throughout, but the short sentences convey the important message and move the story along skillfully. I can imagine eager Read more

God Made Me In His Image Book Review. Helping children appreciate their bodies. Justin and Lindsey Holcomb authors.

God Made Me In His Image Book Review

God Made Me In His Image – Helping Children Appreciate Their Bodies is a timely topic that tackles the self-consciousness of bodies, especially the things that make us ‘different’. However, it’s more than the typical “you’re beautiful the way you are” theme. God Made Me In His Image does aim to boost children’s acceptance of Read more

Jesus Came for Me Book Review - The True Story of Christmas

Jesus Came for Me Book Review

‘It’s hard to wait when you are standing in line’. This was the phrase that caught my attention the most in the children’s book Jesus Came for Me. I found myself going over and over it again; maybe it’s because I have had a series of waiting seasons and so I could relate well with Read more

ABC the Bible Way Book Review 5-stars

ABC the Bible Way Book Review

ABC The Bible Way is a useful and important book. The first thing that caught my attention is its uniqueness. Most children’s books I see are Bible stories. It was interesting to see a book that could teach children the letters of the alphabet and still pass biblical truths across to them. Other things I Read more

Halle Takes a Stand Book Review. Children’s book about fitting in. When you want to fit in. Paul David Tripp Editor Joe Hox Illustrator Reviewer Shirley Alarie.

Halle Takes a Stand Book Review

The theme of this installment of the Good News for Little Hearts series is ‘when you want to fit in’. The storyline and illustrations are on par with the other well-written and beautifully illustrated books of the series. Halle Hedgehog finds herself in a situation at school that many children will face at one point Read more

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