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Soul Anatomy Book Review

Soul Anatomy Book Review

This study book consists of twenty-four chapters, focusing on twenty-five psalms, with each one highlighting a different theme. The author is a Pastor and theologian who has preached on all one hundred and fifty psalms, twice over, in the last twenty years. This book clearly reveals his lifelong love of the psalms. In the introduction Read more

A Time to Seek Book Review Susan Pohlman 4-stars

A Time to Seek Book Review

A Time to Seek by Susan Pohlman is an honest, spiritual seeking. Filled with familiar, funny yet touching text messages and dialogue between parent and teens, this book resonates easily and honestly with mothers in mid-life. Pohlman takes us on her lovely journey through Italy as she reminisces and seeks new meanings in ancient places; Read more

Somebody Someday Book Review. Author Joye Holmes Reviewer Sharon Hazel.

Somebody Someday Book Review

This is the story of an unlikely long-distance friendship between a deaf, homeless, man and a middle-class, professional woman. The story of Butch and Joye has a slow and gentle pace, as it documents their sporadic correspondence over a period of twenty-five years. It started with an act of unexpected kindness and develops into a Read more

Revelation Book Review. Revelation: Hope in the Darkness Bible Study Author Scotty Smith. Christian Book Reviewer Sharon Hazel. Gospel-Centered Life in the Bible series.

Revelation Bible Study Book Review

There are fourteen sessions in this group study guide. The recommended time is one hour for each lesson, although depending on the amount of discussion, it could easily take longer to complete. The sessions all follow the same format, starting with a ‘Big Idea’ as an introductory statement, then a ‘Bible Conversation’ which introduces the Read more

Seeking Truth Book Review. Christian adult apologetics book. Proving Intelligent Design and Experiencing Our Creator. Author Timm Todd. Christian Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie.

Seeking Truth Book Review

Author Timm Todd lays out a compelling and scientific argument for intelligent design and the resulting implications for humankind. Seeking Truth is broken into five sections that make a succinct, progressive path beginning with the scientific and philosophical case for intelligent design and a Universal Creator. Next is the scientific, historical, and prophetic accuracy of Read more

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