Whatever Happened to Evangelism Book Review

Whatever Happened to Evangelism Book Review. Christian adult nonfiction book. A Call for Return to Biblical Evangelism. Author Danny Pelfrey. Christian Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie.
In 2017 the Barna group released results of a poll from churchgoers in which the question was, "Have you heard of the great commission?" Fifty-one percent answered "no." Six percent admitted, "I'm not sure." Twenty-five percent responded, "Yes, but I can't recall the exact meaning." Only 17% of churchgoers questioned answered "yes," and were able to give a reasonable explanation of its meaning. Those results speak volumes about the current status of the church and…

Evangelism is a step that many Christians avoid because it’s something we’re not comfortable to do. We tend to focus on helping each other grow in the Lord, but that excludes the whole group of God’s people who don’t know the Lord yet. These are the ones we are called to save, so this is where we must begin.

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Matthew 28:19

Author Danny Pelfrey tackles the seemingly lost act of evangelism in his book Whatever Happened to Evangelism. Pelfrey hits a home run for those who want to learn about evangelism and how to do it. So many books stop short of the “how to”, but Whatever Happened to Evangelism is broken into two parts – the concept of evangelism and the application. These application steps allow the reader to come away with ideas of how to put evangelizing into action.

Pelfrey has taken a huge topic and distilled it down into relevant pieces that serve both novice laypersons (everyday Christians, like me) and seasoned ministers. His Five Misconceptions about Evangelism, Seven Significant Thoughts for Effective Evangelism, and Seven More Thoughts provide straightforward and concise guidance.

I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to start dipping their toes in evangelism or current evangelists who want to take evangelism to the next level.

In general, the target audience is for formal evangelism, where the goal is to ask someone to give their life over to Christ, but the concepts can also apply to those who are looking to bring Jesus into everyday conversations.

Whatever Happened to Evangelism Book Review. Christian adult nonfiction book. A Call for Return to Biblical Evangelism. Author Danny Pelfrey. Christian Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie.

How this book affected me:

I’m one of those Christians who said, “Evangelism is for the people who are comfortable doing it – not for me.” Mr. Pelfrey has convinced me it IS for me, I just need to trust that Jesus will give me the right words and opportunities. I’m inspired to start small, get a little introduction honed, and listen to where God is prompting me.

Who would enjoy this book:

Any Christian looking to expand on God’s will for their life would be inspired to save souls by reading Whatever Happened to Evangelism. Pastors, clergy, and lay ministers would all benefit from this book.

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Meet the Author, Danny Pelfrey:


Growing up in a poverty situation where he was often without access to TV for entertainment, Danny, in his early teens turned to books. It was not unusual for him, in his high school years, to read three or four books a week, thus his love affair with books developed early. Danny received a degree from Point University and a Master of Ministry from Kentucky Christian University. He spent many years serving ministries with churches in several states.

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