What Does God Want You To Do Before You Die Book Review

What does God want you to do before you die? 5-star book review. Author Callie Daruk
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Published: 10/6/2020
"Death will come certainly but it may come suddenly." Matthew HenryThrough her own struggle to find purpose, author Callie Daruk opens our eyes to the importance and urgency of fulfilling our callings. Her thought-provoking reflections cause you to look into your own heart and stir you to ask for yourself the question we should all be asking, What Does God Want You to do Before You Die?It’s time to take a long hard look at…

This book of ’30 Devotions To Help You Begin Living Your Purpose’ is a must-read and will surely produce a life-changing encounter. The author’s writing style is engaging and interesting. Her sincerity and openness make it easy to relate to her. The thought- and action-provoking topics will bring you to the place of being comfortable talking about death.

What does God want you to do before you die? 5-star book review. Author Callie Daruk

Every chapter in the book has an important message. I loved the questions and the notes at the end of each chapter. They give an opportunity for reflection and for action. At the end of Day 3, I read Psalms 139, as instructed in the book, and it changed my thoughts entirely. I have never seen that scripture that way. It met me at the exact point of my need.

Chapter 4 compared man to grass and it was such an awesome comparison. It described the changeability and transitory nature of grass, and the tremendous purpose it serves. It made me realize that every man has a purpose, but just like grass, might just be dormant, but not dead. Day 5 was scary, yet true. The author described what we do not always want to talk about, death. This was such a powerful chapter. I learned here that every man who would fulfill purpose must understand that he’s a dead man walking.

The story of Paul on Day 20, is another story to learn from. God can use the lowest of the low, the vilest of people of the dirtiest of all sinners. If I am alive, there’s hope. Another important lesson learned was on Day 25, that God’s call can be even in ordinary stages of my life.

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How this book affected me:

The introduction left me glued to my seat and every word blessed me. What God Wants You To Do Before You Die asked questions we never dare to ask ourselves, and opened my eyes to the realities of life. ‘If someone I love were to die today, have I said everything I need to say to them?’ This question on the sixth day, left me thinking throughout the whole day. At several points in time, this book made me pause, cry, ask questions, and continue again. I realized from this book that there are several questions I never ask myself – and that is likely the case for many of us.

Meet The Author:

Callie Daruk is an award-winning author and speaker who encourages others to seek Christ with their whole heart. She is the founder of Rooted & Grounded, LLC. Her writing has appeared in Focus on the Family, Kids Clubhouse, The Upper Room, and more.

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