Tori Comes Out of Her Shell Book Review

Tori Comes Out of Her Shell Book Review. When You Are Lonely. Christian children nonfiction book. Editor Jayne V. Clark. Christian Children’s Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie.
Tori the turtle feels all alone. She has just moved to a new pond and a new school with her family and it seems like everyone has a friend except her. Her teacher notices she feels alone and helps her remember Jesus is always her friend and then along the way she makes some new friends. The last page contains information for Christian parents on how God, in his Word, helps us turn to Jesus…

Loneliness can be overcome.

When the Turtle family moves to a new log, Tori’s brothers have no problem making new friends. But it’s not so easy for Tori and she tucks herself into her shell.

Tori has understandable anxiety about her new school. What if no one talks to her or plays with her at recess? Teacher Miss Minnick the skunk tries drawing Tori out of her shell, but it’s not until Gertie the Gecko needs help that Tori learns the lesson she needs.

This Christian story is based on Matthew 28:20,  “I am with you always.” It offers comfort for children struggling with the loneliness that can come with shyness, among other reasons. The tips at the end of the book can help adults help children who are struggling with loneliness.

Series illustrator Joe Hox created visually appealing and adorable full-page illustrations. Tori Comes Out of Her Shell is part of the Good News for Little Hearts Series.

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