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A Time to Seek Book cover 4-star Review Susan Pohlman
With wisdom, reverence, and grace, Susan Pohlman delivers a lyrical meditation on midlife and motherhood while traveling the cobblestoned streets of Florence, Genoa, and Rome. A Time to Seek is a must for those navigating the empty nest or a period of personal transition.As her journey through Italy unfolds, Pohlman shares how travel moments can be used as opportunities for contemplation and spiritual growth. Various settings stir feelings and issues that speak to the concerns…

A Time to Seek by Susan Pohlman is an honest, spiritual seeking.

Filled with familiar, funny yet touching text messages and dialogue between parent and teens, this book resonates easily and honestly with mothers in mid-life. Pohlman takes us on her lovely journey through Italy as she reminisces and seeks new meanings in ancient places; but more importantly, she takes us on her inner journey of heart and soul. She encourages all of us to seek our own cathedrals within ourselves, and to let God lead us to finishing the masterpieces that we are. This book is a balm for all mid-life women. Take the journey!

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Who Would Enjoy This Book:

A Time to Seek will appeal to women of a certain age who are struggling with their changing parenting role as their kids age into adulthood.

Meet the author, Susan Pohlman:


Susan Pohlman is the founder and director of The Phoenix Writers Network. She is a freelance writer, editor, writing coach, and workshop facilitator based in Phoenix, Arizona.  Her essays have been published in a variety of print and online outlets including: The Washington Times, Tiferet Journal, Family Digest, The Family, Raising Arizona KidsGuideposts Magazine, and more.


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