Book Review: The Theology of Fruitology

Book Review. The Theology of Fruitology: How to Bear Fruit That Will Last For Eternity. Franklin Celestine
The Theology of Fruitology: How to Bear Fruit that Will Last for Eternity. Franklin Celestine
Published: 5/13/2019
In John Chapter 15, Jesus Christ described Himself as the vine, while Christians are His branches. He expected every branch of Him to bear good fruit. But if any branch didn't bear good fruit, it would be destroyed. The major way every Christian can bring glory to God is by bearing good spiritual fruit (John 15:8). This book is meant to empower believers to be fruitful in a kingdom sense and receive the grace to…

A detailed blueprint of spiritual fruitfulness that leads to salvation and the fruits of a sinful nature to be avoided.

The Theology of Fruitology: How to Bear Fruit That Will Last For Eternity is author Franklin Celestine's first book (of many) that's devoted solely to the glory of God.

I can't vouch for Celestine's assertation of being a prophet, but I read The Theology of Fruitology with the assessment as to whether it was biblically sound - and it was, to my satisfaction, although I'm not a minister or theologian.

Spiritual Fruits

With that said, The Theology of Fruitology is filled with biblical references, examples, and explanations of the many spiritual fruits that we are called to manifest in our lives.

Celestine adeptly provides the context and explanation of spiritual fruits. The fruit of the Holy Spirit is love - the remaining are found inside love, such as joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance. Each is explored and described in relation to how we are called to tend to these fruits in our daily lives.

Other Fruits

On the flip side are the fruits of a sinful nature: adultery, fornication, uncleanness, hatred, wrath, envyings, drunkenness, etc. Lastly are fruits of wanting: mourning, service, prayer, holiness, obedience, etc.

The expectations for us

Celestine covers each topic with a genuine appeal for our salvation. He provides the reality-check to today's popular watered-down version of Christianity that we'll all sashay into heaven with no accountability of how we lived our lives.

His is a reminder of the coming Judgement Day and that "The Kingdom of God is a military kingdom and you are called to be a soldier."

Both inspirational and sobering, Celestine's The Theology of Fruitology is a good, thought-provoking, and potentially life-changing road map to salvation.

My Personal Take-Away:

I've been lulled into the "God is Love" camp and found The Theology of Fruitology to be just the wake-up call I needed. It caused me to re-examine the idea that good works don't automatically lead to heaven and made me consider whether what I think I'm doing in my life for Jesus is really what He's asking of me.

There were many lines in this book that spoke profoundly to me. A few of them are:

"It really doesn't matter what people say or think about you. What matters are the fruits you bear."

"Begin by loving the unlovable, including your enemies."

"To forgive your enemies and pray for them is the highest act of kindness you can display on this earth."

"The fruit of goodness makes you to hate sin but love sinners."

"Running the Christian race without the fruit of joy puts you in danger of losing your salvation."

For a book that I was initially unsure of reading, it will stick with me for longer than most other books I've read.

Who Would Like This Book:

Christians looking for practical ways to align their lives closer to God's will, anyone looking for a good example of what a Christian lifestyle should look like, or anyone looking for sobering Christian motivation will enjoy this book.

Meet the Author:

Franklin Celestine is a prophet, writer and activist with a passion for photography, children and soulwinning. He has been writing since the age of twelve.


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