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Christian Book Review The Good Name. Christian adult nonfiction book. Author Dr. Samuel T. Logan Jr. Christian Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie.
The Good Name by Samuel T. Logan, Jr. encourages readers to see the dangers of false witness among Christians, especially when dealing with disagreements, which can cause damage to individuals, the church, and the good name of Jesus. By exploring what it means to be a true witness in the Bible and the Christian church, Logan emphasizes the power of words--both divine and human--and explains how our Christian responsibility is to honor others in truth…

Honoring the name of Jesus with the words we use.

Dr. Samuel T. Logan Jr.’s The Good Name: The Power of Words to Hurt or Heal is a timely book for today’s volatile and inflammatory social media climate. As Christians, what should our role be in either speaking out or remaining silent? When we speak out, how should it be done?

The crux of The Good Name is that our words (and actions) as Christians, either honor the name of Jesus or damage it. Our words teach non-Christians what Christianity is. When we sling mud on social media, we slander Jesus’s good name. We also violate the ninth commandment of bearing false witness.

Dr. Logan presents the catechisms that define the meaning of bearing false witness, how they apply to daily life and the seriousness of this commandment. He explains the code of ethics that should be used before posting hot topics or responses on social media.

So, how do we honor Jesus with our words? The Good Name provides a roadmap. It also covers today’s key “hot” topics, such as abortion and same-sex marriage – no matter which side of the argument you take.

At times technical, The Good Name is packed with practical advice that will help Christians use our words to honor the good name of Jesus.

How this book affected me:

I’ve been distraught and discouraged to see Christians bashing each other (and non-Christians) on social media. It’s the opposite of what I believe Christianity should be. The Good Name has made me realize there are times when I should speak out, including the guidance for doing so. This book contained practical advice that I can carry into my everyday life.

Who would enjoy this book:

Every Christian could benefit from understanding the full meaning of bearing false witness and the seriousness of this commandment.  Any Christian who weighs in on “hot” social topics should read this book. Any Christian who’s interested to learn more about how to address or respond to inflammatory or scandalous statements would gain valuable insight from this book. The book contains some technical language and would be suitable for administrators, church leadership, and other theologians.

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Meet the Author:

Samuel T. Logan Jr. is an ordained minister of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and Associate International Director of the World Reformed Fellowship. He served as Special Counsel to the President at Biblical Seminary in Hatfield, Pennsylvania,  was on the faculty of Westminster Theological Seminary (PA), and served as President at Westminster. He earned a B. A. from Princeton University, an M. Div. from Westminster, and Ph.D. in Theology and Literature from Emory University.

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