Staying Power Book Review

Staying Power Book Review. Christian marriage book. Building a Stronger Marriage When Life Sends its Worst Authors Kent Lambert. Christian Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie.
Too often, when a life crisis hits, a marriage suffers--even a healthy one--and all the personality profiles and couples' therapy in the world won't keep your marriage from experiencing the tough stuff. So how do you and your spouse face the stresses put on your marriage and not only stay together but come out on the other side even more loving and committed? In Staying Power, two longtime couples offer insights, skills, and clear direction…

Hold your marriage together through a storm.

How do you hold your marriage together when it’s tested due to a circumstance beyond your control? Married couples Carol and Gene Kent and Cindy and David Lambert use their own experiences, plus those of other couples, to answer that difficult question. Examples include health struggles, incarceration of a child, infertility, death of a child, and raising grandchildren.

The foundation for marital success through a challenge is keeping God in the mix. As described, God is the third strand of a strong cord. Staying Power describes twelve keys to success that range from Forgiving Freely to Guilt-Free Time Out and The Strength of Weakness. Each topic includes an inspirational true story, followed by applicable and actionable steps that will help a struggling couple. Each chapter ends with reflection through a series of questions. Helpful resources at the end of the book are specific to different crises.

How this book affected me:

After dealing with infertility in my own marriage, I can understand how these situations that are beyond our control can tear marriages apart. I found all the stories of couples who found their way through very difficult circumstances to be very inspiring.

Who would enjoy this book:

The focus of Staying Power is on marriages that are facing turmoil from factors beyond their control, as explained within the review. Married couples that are facing such a crisis or the aftermath of one would benefit from this book. Married couples who’ve grown apart and are considering divorce after a crisis might be able to save their marriage by reading this book.

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Staying Power Book Review. Christian marriage book. Building a Stronger Marriage When Life Sends its Worst Authors Kent Lambert. Christian Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie.Meet the Author:

Carol Kent is a bestselling author and an international public speaker. She is a former radio show co-host and speaks internationally. She and her husband also founded Speak Up for Hope, a nonprofit organization that benefits inmates and their families. (There are 4 authors. You can find them at the book link.)

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