Song for the Maker Book Review

Song for the Maker Book Review. An Alphabet based on Psalm 148. Carrie Ellen Mohn. Reviewer Sharon Hazel.
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Published: 10/1/2016
"Song for the Maker" is an alliterated alphabet of Psalm 148, illustrated with creatures singing in awe of each other and their Maker who vows to preserve them. This book is both for children and adults, with curious words and vividly colorful pictures. Its spirit offers a unique place of mind for all.The cover image was painted from a photo of the nebula Orion taken by the Hubble Space Telescope Team.The Psalm was paraphrased using…

Song for the Maker is founded on Psalm 148, a call for all of God’s creation to join in a chorus of praise for the wonder of his works – and the book accomplishes this so well with a richness of vocabulary and beautiful illustrations.

The book is formatted as an ABC with illustrations which are full page and beautifully painted. On the opposing page there is a short alliterative description of the picture, which ends with a line of the psalm. The psalm progresses through the book with each subsequent letter of the alphabet. The language used in the description is extensive and draws you to the picture to identify the different elements within.

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How this book affected me:

Song for the Maker caused me to reflect on the diversity and complexity of God’s creation and how often we only see and hear a small fraction of what exists. It challenged me to pause and enjoy the detail.

Who would like this book?

The author states at the beginning, “I don’t know if this book is intended for children or adults. I hope that this ambiguity will not diminish its spirit.” In my opinion, this is primarily a coffee table book for adults who appreciate art and richly crafted poems. It could also be read to younger children who will enjoy finding the different elements in the pictures and a book for those older children who will enjoy taking on the challenge of finding the meaning of some of the more obscure words in the descriptions.

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Meet the Author: Carrie Ellen Mohn

Artist Carrie Ellen Mohn wrote and illustrated Song for the Maker: an Alphabet. Her other projects include a series of fictitious 19th century trademarks of occupations and companies of Upper Michigan, and a collection of 52 mounted and framed pencil thumbnail sketches. Her paintings are in collections in the U.S. and Canada. She presently concentrates on oil painting, documenting the Keweenaw Peninsula Michigan landscape on site or in the studio from photographs.

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