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Somebody Someday Book Review. Author Joye Holmes Reviewer Sharon Hazel.
Deaf and homeless his entire adult life, Butch discovers a wallet in a dumpster. What he does next will lead to a chance encounter with a visitor from Texas. This is a true story of survival by eating out of dumpsters and trying to keep warm with restroom hand dryers. More, it is a story of an unlikely friendship that has lasted over twenty-five years. Share through Butch's own letters his sustaining faith and hope…

This is the story of an unlikely long-distance friendship between a deaf, homeless, man and a middle-class, professional woman. The story of Butch and Joye has a slow and gentle pace, as it documents their sporadic correspondence over a period of twenty-five years. It started with an act of unexpected kindness and develops into a friendship. We read Butch’s letters to Joye, in their original form, and then her comments, sometimes of explanation or just sharing her thoughts.

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Somebody Someday speaks quietly of faith in God and how it is lived out in different ‘cultures.’ Butch reveals a disadvantaged background, but frequently his character challenges our stereotypes. We read of the loving-kindness of a man who, although he has almost nothing, manages to be generous to others that he perceives as being in a worse situation than himself. Society often takes advantage and treats Butch cruelly, and yet he lives in the moment, and takes delight in the beauty that he still manages to see around him.

How this book affected me:

Homeless people often have complex needs and Joye did not see Butch as a charity project, but as a friend. Those charities that do help, in a very real way, with medical aid and food supplies, need our support, but there is so much more than doing our bit to help the homeless with an occasional donation. This book challenged regarding the need, that everyone has, to be recognised, and to be able to relate to someone. The fact is, we all want to know that we are somebody and that there is someone who thinks we are worth caring about!

Who would enjoy this book?

The account of this friendship is compelling, and anyone who likes reading human interest stories would enjoy this book! You are drawn along, desperate to see how the story will conclude. The book is a unique account, of the highs and lows, of a tough, harsh life among the invisible people in our wealthy western nations. It is also a story of a simple, life-sustaining faith.

Meet the Author Joye Holmes:


JOYE HOLMES grew up one of seven children in an Oklahoma farming community. After serving as a missionary in Brazil, she enjoyed a long career as an accountant. Her debut book Somebody Someday: A Journey of Homelessness, Faith, & Friendship is a true story that grew out of a twenty-five-year correspondence.

Joye lives in Texas with her husband, Gary, where she spends time enjoying five grandsons, her time at church, needlework, and the Texas Rangers.

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