Shift Your Thinking Book Review

Shift Your Thinking For a Deeper Faith Book Review. Reviewer Shirley Alarie
In the busyness of life, it's easy to get distracted and disconnected from the many promises God has made about who he is, the strength we find in him, and the abundance of spiritual tools, abilities, and assets we have at our disposal. These are not necessarily things we have to search out to acquire--they already exist within us. And Dean Del Sesto wants to help you access them every day. With hard-hitting truths, memorable…

Helpful prompts for a mini Christian-life makeover

Shift Your Thinking for a Deeper Faith feels like a cross between Chicken Soup and Devotion. The 99 topics are mini-guides and prompts intended for self-reflection and, hopefully, self-improvement.  Like a typical devotion, they begin with a Bible verse that relates to the subject. But unlike a devotion, they end with a thought-provoking challenge, instead of a prayer.

I’m new to Dean Del Sesto’s writing and found him to be very insightful, with a crisp and inspired writing style. I enjoyed each “quotable” introduction of each topic that serves as a thought-prompt of its own.

Some notables for me were:

“Consider loving those who are different or difficult as your biggest opportunity to grow today.”


“It’s time to replace some question marks in life with exclamation points.”


“Every time we break our word we put a crack in our character.”


“Ultimately, stress is a choice… as is joy.”

The topics are easily relatable. For example: ‘Maintaining balance in life’, ‘Seizing what is in front of you’, ‘The infinite strength within you’, and ‘The value of keeping our word’.

The purported “Shift of thinking” framework is laid out but, the magic can happen only if the reader looks honestly in the mirror and decides to change.

As the subtitle promises, this book includes 99 ways to strengthen relationships with God, others, and yourself. With the focus diluted among the three, it remains appropriate for an overall life-makeover. However, this broad focus makes the book more about deepening relationships than deepening faith, as the title promises.

Shift Your Thinking can easily be re-read either in entirety or as a refresher for individual topics. There are always ways we can improve different aspects of our thinking in regards to relationships and faith, so the topics that may not be most relevant to us today may become of utmost relevance in the future.

How this book affected me:

I read this book as an advance reader and reviewer. As such, I wasn’t able to read it as it’s intended to be. It’s meant to be a gradual digestion of the bits over the course of time, rather than devouring in one or two sittings. I would normally have read one 2-3 page topic per day, leaving time for self-reflection. So, my current plan is to begin again, savoring each topic, so I can reap the full benefits.

Who would enjoy this book:

This book will benefit anyone looking to improve their Christian lifestyle, ultimately leading to a more fulfilled life. However, anyone looking to really focus on a relationship with God/Jesus would be better served by other books with that specific purpose, or the Bible.

Meet the Author:

Dean Del Sesto runs an award-winning branding and communications agency called Venthio ( and is also a partner in Veracity Colab, a B2B and consumer-based video agency ( A popular keynote speaker, he is the author of Shift Your ThinkingShift Your Thinking for Success, and A Shift a Day for Your Best Year Yet. Dean lives in Southern California with his wife, Kittrena. Visit for more information.

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