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Seeking Truth Book Review. Christian adult apologetics book. Proving Intelligent Design and Experiencing Our Creator. Author Timm Todd. Christian Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie.
Every atheist must read SEEKING TRUTH. It is for the God-seeker wanting to grow in his or her faith as well as the intellectually curious that sees more in life. SEEKING TRUTH offers a powerful, culturally relevant response to those who embrace science as an intellectual response for atheism. SEEKING TRUTH leverages scientific discoveries from astrophysics to molecular biology to disprove this false notion, validating Intelligent Design. This gives rise to a Designer, which most…

Author Timm Todd lays out a compelling and scientific argument for intelligent design and the resulting implications for humankind. Seeking Truth is broken into five sections that make a succinct, progressive path beginning with the scientific and philosophical case for intelligent design and a Universal Creator. Next is the scientific, historical, and prophetic accuracy of the Bible, then leading to Jesus and the implications for how we should live our lives accordingly. Todd breaks up the scientific and philosophical points with relatable examples from his life.

In full disclosure, I read this book as a staunch Christian, so I can’t judge the effectiveness of the persuasive arguments Todd makes, because I don’t need to be persuaded. Neither am I a biophysicist or philosopher, so I have to assume the credibility of his information, but it is heavily referenced. Todd distilled his points down into logical bite-sized pieces that I was able to follow as a layperson.

In the end, having faith always requires a step beyond visible proof, but Todd makes compelling cases that seem to be logical and rational arguments for budding apologists or for curious agnostics.

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How this book affected me:

As a Christian, I didn’t need convincing that there is a Creator, but I always appreciate a book that aims to present Christianity from a scientific viewpoint. I’ve read some basic apologetics books and found this one to present a unique and compelling argument, suitable for a novice. The scientific conclusion for Christianity was satisfying.

Who would enjoy this book:

It’s unlikely that an atheist would read this book, knowing that the conclusion is for Christianity, but this is a book that may be able to convince an atheist to consider that God exists. It would be more likely that a curious agnostic would read Seeking Truth and be persuaded enough with the scientific information to continue pursuing the truth. Lastly, I think this book would be worthwhile for budding apologists.

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Meet the Author Timm Todd:

Timm Todd competed as a professional athlete at events around the world and spent twenty years working in both large public companies and a variety of technology startups. His keen sense of analysis and views of the world offers readers a compelling and insightful perspective of life beyond the superficial. He hails from eight states and three countries, always looking for the next big adventure…

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