A Rumor of Roses Book Review

A Rumor of Roses Book Review. Christian adult nonfiction book. Planting Seeds of God’s Extravagant Love Author Sally Klein O'Connor. Christian Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie.
Published: 10/15/2019
A Rumor of Roses bears witness to an honest struggle to personally forgive, love my enemies, see through some deeply entrenched and culturally justified prejudices to become an ambassador of God's extravagant love to people in places still shamed and shadowed by echoes of great evil. Growing up Jewish, unconditional love and forgiveness were not tenets my family lived by or passed onto me. Cynicism and judgment were the predominant lenses through which I was…

Is it possible to break through entrenched hatred and anger? What about when people become prideful in righteous anger? These are the questions author Sally Klein O’Connor addresses in A Rumor of Roses – Planting Seeds of God’s Extravagant Love.

Ms. Klein O’Connor’s viewpoint stems from her Jewish heritage. The atrocity of the Holocaust served as her original quest, but there are plenty of other modern examples of hatred and divide, sometimes in the name of Christianity, as in Northern Ireland between Catholics and Protestants. Then there are the Israelis and Palestinians. And what about the Crips and the Bloods and other gangs in inner-city America?

When groups of people hate each other and commit crimes against one another, how is it possible to spark healing? A Rumor of Roses chronicles the author’s “A Tour of Roses” mission that began by extending a single rose of peace. The rose doesn’t mean “We’ve forgotten.” It means “Let’s move forward.”

The endearing encounters of “A Tour of Roses” prove that simple gestures can have an unimaginable impact and that the strongest barriers of hatred can crumble. Most interesting is the author’s obedience to listen to God’s instructions to her and to follow them, even when they seemed impossible.

A Rumor of Roses is one part sobering history, one part angst for the deep hurt and hatred over the inexcusable acts committed against fellow man, and one part miracle.

How this book affected me:

It was sobering to rehash the terrible events of history and to think that similar hatred and violence still exist today. But it’s an important part of history that we shouldn’t forget so we don’t repeat the sins of the past. I envy the direct relationship Ms. Klein O’Connor has with God – even when He was asking (telling) her to do something she didn’t want to do. 🙂 A Rumor of Roses left me with a feeling of hope for humankind.

Who would enjoy this book:

This book is aimed toward people who’ve been wronged, specifically Jewish people or others who’ve been persecuted. Beyond that, people who are holding hatred in their hearts on a personal level might also find some healing by hearing about the freedom that comes from moving past the hurt and hate.

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Meet the Author:

Sally Klein O’Connor served as a freelance writer/reviewer for the nationally distributed Music Connection Magazine. In November 1982 Sally met Michael, her husband, in a songwriting class. Drawn to each other’s lyrics they began an unlikely collaboration from which sprang 3 daughters, many more songs, and a music ministry called Improbable People Ministries. In addition to A Tour of Roses, Sally currently hosts an internet TV show called “Love Stories.”

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