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Pop Culture Parent Book Review. Christian parenting. Helping Kids Engage Their World for Christ. Ted Turnau, Stephen Burnett, Jared Moore. Reviewer Shirley Alarie.
Parents often feel at a loss with popular culture and how it fits in with their families. They want to love their children well, but it can be overwhelming to navigate the murky waters of television, movies, games, and more that their kids are exposed to every day. Popular culture doesn't have to be a burden. The Pop Culture Parent equips mothers, fathers, and guardians to build relationships with their children by entering into their popular culture-informed…

Raising children with a biblical worldview is no easy feat. Add to that today’s secular culture of television shows, movies, and music, and the challenge is even greater. The Pop Culture Parent is written by a trio of authors who describe why it’s important for parents to engage with their children in popular culture. They also discuss why the alternative techniques of avoidance or endless childproofing won’t accomplish a healthy or biblical outcome.

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Each of the fourteen chapters in The Pop Culture Parent covers a particular aspect of pop culture parenting. Topics range from The Purpose of Popular Culture, to Gospel Centered Parenting, and Five Simple Steps to Engage Popular Culture with Your Children. Subjects include age-specific guidance and real-life examples, such as Introducing Pop Culture to Young Children, Exploring Pop Culture with Older Children and Preteens, and Practice Sessions with Young Children, Older Children, and Older Teens.

The authors suggest a biblical perspective for handling discussions about sexual orientation and gender. They also describe the unintended gender stereotypes from a worldview perspective that should be avoided when speaking to children.

The focus of Pop Culture Parent isn’t about finding fault with secular television, movies, and music. It’s more about helping your children discern Christian values or lack thereof and finding examples of God’s common grace among those pop culture venues. The book includes examples of what engaging with your children in popular culture would look like and plenty of encouragement to make it a routine part of your parenting and ongoing communication. There are also resources listed for additional support.

How this book affected me:

I chose to read this book not because I’m parenting a child, but because I think that today’s parents can use guidance for the many challenges they face. Christian parents face great challenges to raise their children with a biblical foundation. I hoped to be able to recommend a positive resource depending on whether I found the book content to be relevant and actionable, and it is both!

Who would enjoy this book:

The Pop Culture Parent is written for parents who are aiming to raise Christian children of any age. The approach is the same no matter the age of the children. Practical examples are given that describe how to cater the concepts to various ages.

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Meet the Authors: Ted Turnau, E. Stephen Burnet, Jared Moore

Ted Turnau teaches culture, religion, and media studies at Anglo-American University in Prague, Czech Republic. He has a PhD from Westminster in apologetics and wrote Popologetics  (2012) to help Christians engage popular culture. Ted Turnau authored The Pop Culture Parent.

E. Stephen Burnet explores biblical truth and fantastic stories as publisher of Lorehaven  magazine and cohost of the Fantastical Truth podcast. He is the coauthor of The Pop Culture Parent  and also writes fiction and articles.

Jared Moore serves in pastoral ministry. He has a PhD in systematic theology from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and cohosts The Pop Culture Coram Deo Podcast. Jared also served as second vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention. He authored The Pop Culture Parent.

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