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A Little Book of Poetry Book Review. Author Kathi Burg Reviewer Shirley Alarie
A Little Book of Poetry: For When Night Seems Dark is a collection of powerful and moving poems which remind us that although we will have difficulties in this world, we are not alone, unseen, or forgotten. That although at times we may feel like a small, insignificant being in this giant universe, we are of great importance to the One who created us. That in this world, we will experience joy and sorrow, tears and…

A Little Book of Poetry: For When Night Seems Dark is a compilation of heartfelt poems. They acknowledge the worldly struggles we face and offer the hope and promise of a loving God who stands with us in the darkness. Author Kathi Burg offers light ‘for when night feels dark’ and strength during struggles. The foundation of each poem is an inspirational Bible verse that offers an opportunity for self-reflection.

There’s something for every aching heart here: poems for depression, for the aging, medically challenged, broken-hearted, weary, fearful, and even the doubters. With titles such as “Hearts in Pieces”, “Every Single Tear”, “His Care in all Things”, and “Tired Feet”, this Little Book of Poetry speaks encouragement to the downtrodden.

The beautiful watercolor illustrations by Kayla Phan capture the emotions of the poems, from darkness and sadness to hope and love.

How this book affected me:

I’m not in a particular period of struggle in my life, but I could clearly see and feel the beauty and comfort of these soothing and inspirational poems about trusting God and God walking with you through the storms.

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Who would enjoy this book?

There is a hardcover version of A Little Book of Poetry that would make a wonderful gift for someone who’s hurting, especially if they’re artistic and enjoy poetry. I can see this book becoming a comforting friend for one who needs to be reminded that God is always near.

Meet the Author: Kathi Burg


Kathi Burg is a writer and poet, founder of Good Courage Greetings, and authors a blog titled, Sun In Rain, where she shares her poetry and other thoughts about her faith. Her debut book, A Little Book of Poetry: For When Night Seems Dark, is a collection of poems written with the underlying message of God’s love and presence with us. Her writing can also be found on Our Bible App.

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